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Self-Taught Dad Sews 100+ Dresses, So Daughter Can Make Wonderful Memories

To date, a man in China named Xu Ruiqin has sewn over 100 dresses for his lucky daughter. Each piece looks extraordinary, like it has come straight out of a childhood fantasy. The reason for sewing these dresses is simply because he wants to give her wonderful childhood memories.

We at Bright Side are not just impressed with this man’s detailed workmanship and beautiful work, but also how much he cares for his daughter.

It all began with cheap fabric.

Xu Ruiqin often passes by the local fabric market and one day he bought some polka dot cotton fabric at an affordable price. Since it was summer, his daughter Xixi had to change clothes more frequently. So he created a simple piece of clothing by hand for her. When he tried it on his daughter, it turned out to be really beautiful!

Ever since then, every time he passed by the market he would buy some cheap fabric and get it sewn by a tailor.

But once the tailor left town, Xu Ruiqin slowly started to practice sewing using a sewing machine he got from his mother. This self-taught tailor can now finish a simple dress in a day and a more complex one in 2 weeks.

Ideas come from everywhere.

At first, his sewing skills were limited, but after he released some videos about the dresses, he got a lot of encouragement and suggestions. As he improves his workmanship, Xu Ruiqin gets ideas for his creations from many sources, like inspiration from the internet and sports. He also considers Xixi’s needs and what’s the best thing to make is, depending on the type of fabric he has.

They are not just gorgeous, they’re practical too.

The dresses may look otherworldly, but Xixi wears them for daily activities like going shopping, attending family gatherings, and going to school. The father and daughter duo have fun choosing what to wear every time.

The dresses are exclusively for his daughter.

For now, Xu Ruiqin only sews dresses for his daughter and has no plan to sell his creations. He tells us that there are a lot of things to consider if he were to sew for other people. Sewing these dresses is a hobby that helps him relieve stress from work, and he wants to enjoy it as much as possible. However, he might think about donating the dresses for children in need one day.

A dream for the future

Xu Ruiqin tells us that, at the moment, he doesn’t have any future plans, except to keep making memories as his daughter grows up. He feels that Xixi is growing up so fast and needs to focus more on her studies. But if he has the chance, he’d love for them to have their own brand and help people in need one day.

Here are some of his amazing creations:

Have you sewn clothes for your own children? Or have you crafted anything yourself for your loved ones? Share your pictures with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Xu Ruiqin / weibo, Xu Ruiqin / weibo