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We Placed 15+ Actors Side by Side With the People They Played to See the Resemblance

Playing real people in the movies can be tough because the audience compares the screen image with the real-life prototype. The heroes of our article took the plunge and dared to play iconic personas that people all over the world know very well, from Freddie Mercury and Elton John to Princess Diana and Jackie Kennedy.

We at Bright Side made side-by-side photo collages that show the actors and the real people they portrayed on screen next to each other. Let’s decide together who bears the most striking resemblance to their prototype.

Kristen Stewart in Spencer, 2021 and Princess Diana

Emma Corrin in The Crown, 2016 and Princess Diana

Naomi Watts in Diana, 2013 and Princess Diana

Will Smith in Ali, 2001 and Muhammad Ali

Rami Malek in Bohemian Rhapsody, 2018 and Freddie Mercury

Ashton Kutcher in Jobs, 2013 and Steve Jobs

Christian Bale in Ford v Ferrari, 2019 and Ken Miles

Brie Larson in The Glass Castle, 2017 and Jeannette Walls

Daniel Day-Lewis in Lincoln, 2012 and Abraham Lincoln

Renée Zellweger in Judy, 2019 and Judy Garland

Taron Egerton in Rocketman, 2019 and Elton John

Morgan Freeman in Invictus, 2009 and Nelson Mandela

Beyoncé in Cadillac Records, 2008 and Etta James

Margot Robbie in I, Tonya, 2017 and Tonya Harding

Natalie Portman and Caspar Phillipson in Jackie, 2016 and Jackie Kennedy and John F. Kennedy

Angelina Jolie in A Mighty Heart, 2007 and Mariane Pearl

Kristen Stewart in The Runaways, 2010 and Joan Jett

Which of these actors portrayed real people in the most convincing way, in your opinion?

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