What 14 Celebrities Would Look Like If They Got a Complete Makeover

Some celebrities change their appearance quite often, but some stick to the same style for years. When we were looking at pictures of them, we were inspired by how a simple hair color, cut, or beard can completely change a person’s look. That’s why we decided to step into a hairdresser’s shoes and did a little experiment with their style.

With the help of our Photoshoppers, we at Bright Side gave these 14 celebrities a new look. And after the makeover, we can’t recognize some of them.

1. Owen Wilson

2. Rowan Atkinson

3. Demi Moore

4. Jared Leto

5. Mark Ruffalo

6. Jennifer Aniston

7. Robert Pattinson

8. Angelina Jolie

9. Dwayne Johnson

10. Cameron Díaz

11. Adam Driver

12. Ed Sheeran

13. Jennifer López

14. Jason Momoa

How do you like them better? Who do you think should have this makeover in real life?

Preview photo credit CHRIS DELMAS/AFP/East News
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