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What 31 Beauty Icons of the 20th Century Look Like Today

If someone asked us to describe a beautiful person, images of famous people would probably pop up in our minds. For some, it might be a person who’s the same age as them, living in the 21st century. For others it might be someone from the past. And although the standards of beauty are constantly changing, we find certain people attractive no matter the year or the century they were born in.

We at Bright Side have decided to check up on some of the beauty icons of the 20th century. Let`s see how they`ve changed!

1. Linda Evangelista

2. Molly Ringwald

3. Julie Andrews

4. Brooke Shields

5. Grace Jones

6. Robert Redford

7. Debbie Harry

8. Kim Basinger

9. Diahann Carroll

10. Beverly Johnson

11. Pam Grier

12. Jane Fonda

13. Sidney Poitier

14. Michelle Pfeiffer

15. Iman

16. Sade

17. Diana Rigg

18. Pat Cleveland

19. Warren Beatty

20. Lisa Bonet

21. Joan Collins

22. Olivia Newton-John

23. Daryl Hannah

24. Diana Ross

25. Christie Brinkley

26. Shirley MacLaine

27. Anouk Aimée

28. Don Johnson

29. Katharine Ross

30. Goldie Hawn

31. Jennifer Grey

Who is your beauty icon? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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