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15+ Photos That Prove Everything Is Extra Special in Japan

Karaoke, emojis, umami, Pokémon, the bullet train, and the selfie stick — these are just a few inventions Japan has gifted the world with. And if you ever slurp your noodles loudly and get a strange look from your friends, you can tell them this fun fact: slurping your noodles in Japan means the food is delicious.

We want to show you some things that make Japan unique and, at the same time, broaden your knowledge about the country. Bright Side put together a visual trip you can take right now — we hope you’ll bring your loved ones along.

1. “Lunch at a Japanese hospital while I was giving birth”

2. Aquarium toilet

A popular tourist attraction in Japan, consisting of a toilet surrounded by a huge aquarium, floating exotic fish, and 1 turtle, can be seen in one of Japan’s most famous cafés.

3. Speaking of toilets, this must feel like being on top of the world.

4. “Clear Coca-Cola bought in Osaka, Japan”

5. “Rainbow cheesecake; it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever eaten.”

6. There is approximately 1 vending machine for every 35 people in Japan. Here are the banana and fish broth vending machines.

7. “This ’telecube’ room lets workers do remote work.”

8. “This was inside the stall, making it difficult for me to pick. So many choices!”

9. “This locker area in a science museum”

10. “This machine at a Japanese ski resort warms up and dries your gloves out.”

11. This is the statue of Hachiko with a few furry friends keeping him company.

12. “This building has a thermometer.”

13. Miyajima, an island in Japan, also known as The Deer Island, is home to the wild-but-tame Sika deer; they roam the streets freely.

As cute as this little guy looks, he stole someone’s map.

14. Ōkunoshima, a.k.a. The Rabbit Island, is another place you can enjoy in Japan. No one really knows how the rabbits got there.

15. We’ll show you one more: The Cat Island.

On the island of Aoshima, there’s a large number of feline residents; for every human on this island, there are 6 cats. We wonder if it feels like an earthquake if all these cats start purring at the same time.

16. “This is ONE photo of a camping store in Tokyo.”

17. Gold foil ice cream

If you could instantly teleport yourself to an island of rabbits, cats, or deer, where would you go? Or would you rather visit the aquarium toilet instead? Let us know all about it in the comments.

Got some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE and right now. Meanwhile, we’re waiting!

Preview photo credit sofyflo / Reddit, LadyEmry / Reddit
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