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20+ Photos That Show Turkey From an Unexpected Side

Turkey is an amazing country with centuries-old traditions that can take a lifetime to learn. For example, we were surprised to find out that Turks add yogurt to multiple dishes, have hairspray in men’s restrooms, and cover their cars with rugs.

At Bright Side, we found a few fascinating facts about Turkey that can surprise even those who visit this country on a regular basis.

They take care of stray animals.

Stray dogs and cats are not only taken care of by local administrations, but also by people who love them. For example, you can find feeders and small cat houses on Turkish streets.

This is why cats feel at ease there and can be seen literally everywhere.

In Turkey, you can find stray cats almost everywhere: in the subway, parks, shops, cafes, etc. And they are treated like royalty. According to different estimates, there are more than 100,000 stray cats in Istanbul. And Turks love them just as much as house cats.

In Istanbul, they make real estate advertisements in the form of homes for street cats living in the city.

In some Turkish cafes, they give you free Turkish Delight with every cup of coffee.

In Turkey, many people love Bollywood movies. Some of them even watch Indian TV shows.

Turks love picnics.

On weekends, you can see many families having picnics in parks. They bring everything needed for a BBQ, from a mat to a grill and a small tea stove.

Men almost never wear shorts.

In the eastern cities, men don’t wear shorts due to their traditions and conservative views. In general, men tend to be pretty uniform in their clothing.

  • My husband has some Turkish friends, and they told us that a Turkish man wouldn’t wear shorts; he always wears long pants, even if it’s hot. © patara01 / Tripadvisor

Waiters spray cologne on guests.

After meals, it’s customary to proffer the open palms of your hands to your waiter when they pass by with a small dispenser of cologne.

Turks love yogurt and add it to various dishes.

Turks are the only nation in the world that consumes yogurt in enormous quantities. They add yogurt to multiple dishes: pasta, soups, vegetables, meat dishes, dumplings, you name it.

Phone booths in Istanbul

The police patrols the streets driving small electric cars and riding Segways.

In Turkey, they use solar panels widely.

Turks are way ahead of many countries in using solar energy to heat houses. Many houses and apartment buildings have solar energy devices.

Turkish men like watching construction work.

This is what an Internet user said about that:

  • Last year, I watched a funny video about Turkey. It was stated there that middle-aged and old Turkish men like watching construction work. It’s like a hobby in Turkey. I couldn’t believe it. Then I asked a friend of mine who was both born and also grew up there until the age of 28, and she confirmed that Turkish men love watching and commenting about construction work. © Bana Sorma / Quora

They like to wear clothes with English words printed on them.

Girls love wearing T-shirts with random English sentences on them like “Why bother” or even just “YES!” printed in the middle.

They have complimentary hairspray in restrooms.

Some restaurants and cafes have complimentary hairspray and gel for guys to use in the restrooms; they even have hairdryers.

  • In the UK, there’s an unspoken rule that a straight man doesn’t look in the mirror for more than 5 seconds in a restaurant’s bathroom, but in Turkey, guys give themselves a full-on makeover. © Kefa James / Quora

There is a nap zone at the Istanbul airport.

They cover their cars with blankets and rugs.

It turns out that Turks do this to protect their cars from hail. They can also use cardboard and bubble wrap. This is absolutely normal in Turkey.

In Turkey, sitting cross-legged is considered impolite, especially in front of elders.

They never hang their underwear outside; it’s considered shameful.

Have you ever been to Turkey? What Turkish traditions or customs did you notice? Tell us in the comments below.

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