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a finger is missing ( 2 vs 3 )
11 months ago
Shhh! The comment is asleep.
Sorry If Spoiler
1 Giraffes Ears
2 Bottom Right Of The Air Ballon’s
3 1 Of The Pricing For The Fruit Maybe Plums Or Peaches
4 The Whole Bee Is Smaller
5 1 Of The Pawns
6 1 Of The Black Olive’s
7 The White Dots
8 1 Of Them Turned A Different Color On The Other Picture
9 1 Of The Banana Markings Is Gone
10 Tuscan As A Extra Body Part
11 3 Of Less Books Are Switched Around
12 1 Of The Buildings On The Left
13 1 Of The Nemo’s Disappears
14 I Accidentally Clicked On It And It Showed Me Oops Didn’t Know I Could Do That
15 I Clicked On It Cause I Thought It Was The Fence
So Last 2 Oopsie
9 months ago
The comment was deleted by a neighbor's dog.
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