10 Astonishing Houses Safely Hidden From Sight

9 months ago

There are moments when each of us needs some time alone. Then we close our eyes and get carried away to a secluded corner where nothing breaks the silence except the surf or the rustling of leaves.

Today Bright Side suggests you enjoy a minute of solitude without closing your eyes. We have found 10 delightful houses safely hidden from public view. Don’t miss the insanely dangerous and beautiful cliff lair at the end!

10. Dugout house in Texas, USA

Embedded 6.5 feet (2 m) in the ground, this house looks like a simple dugout from the outside. Inside, however, it has everything for a comfortable life, even a small pool in the backyard. You can find out more about this unique project here.

9. Bungalow under pine trees in British Columbia, Canada

Unusual planning and green moss on the roof help this house completely merge into the landscape. You can have a more detailed look at the house and its interior here.

8. Houses on top of a shopping mall in Hunan, China

This shopping mall with houses on its roof is located in a city of 4 million people with little free space. That’s why architectural solutions here are sometimes a bit nonstandard. More information about this building can be found here.

7. Canyon mansion in Utah, USA

This house was built in 1986 by a married couple whose dream was to live in a quiet place. You can have a look at the photos of cozy rooms and find out more about this bizarre dwelling here.

6. Villa Vals in Vals, Switzerland

The reason behind the idea of an underground villa was a local law: the authorities forbade erecting a high building since that would spoil the landscape. That’s why the architect decided to build a house in a cave, of which the booking price and other data can be found here.

5. Cliff house in Coquimbo, Chile

This submarine-looking house has two levels, one of which is underground. Full information and other photos of this place are available here.

4. Lake chalet in Hordaland, Norway

The main goal of this project was a full integration with the landscape, and the architects did their best to achieve it. Interior photos and other details about the house can be found here.

3. Desert oasis in California, USA

This weird house resembling a heap of dead leaves from afar is located in a Californian desert. More images of this compilation of concrete, steel, copper, and glass can be found here.

2. The Mirrorcube hotel in Lapland, Sweden

The outer walls of this building are faced with glass and coated with a layer of infrared film so that birds can recognize it as an obstacle. The current room prices and other details are available here.

1. Penthouse in a rock in Beirut, Lebanon

Initially, no one believed in the idea of a house built into a rock, but the project attracted lots of potential investors after a photo of it was put on the Web. It was ultimately taken by a Lebanese real-estate agency. More details can be found here.

Bonus: Cliff Retreat project

Despite what your imagination might have told you, this is but a Photoshopped image by VisualizingArchitecture.com’s Alex Hogrefe. In 9 steps, he explains how he crafted the design, paying special attention to the crashing waves and fog.

Preview photo credit Alex Hogrefe


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