10 Celebrities Who Are Rocking Gray Hair Because They Don’t Feel the Need to Hide It

5 months ago

The passage of time leaves marks on our body. And gray hair is one of them. Some people may feel ashamed of these marks so they try to dye or cover them up in any way possible. But others will want to show off their gray hair and be very proud to show to the world that they’ve aged and that they’re ok with it. This is exactly the case of some celebrities who don’t hesitate to leave their gray hair on display and even make sure everyone can take a good look at it.

Bright Side wanted to show you how well these celebrities managed to pull off the traditional gray hair. After seeing these pictures you will no longer think that gray hair is for grannies, we can be sure of that!

1. Letizia Ortiz

Remember when covering gray hair was a social mandate? Well, it seems we’ve left those times far behind us. Today, exposing your gray hair is nothing more and nothing less than a personal choice. Why wouldn’t you be able to take pride in it? Think of Queen Letizia from Spain. She has gradually darkened her hair over the last few years, but she also took care to leave a few gray highlights on the top of her head, here and there, showing that she’s not scared of them. It’s almost the opposite, they’re there to be looked at and admired. And just look at how good they look!

2. Hilarie Burton

The actress from Grey’s Anatomy and Bloodworth is one of the many celebrities who are clearly not ashamed of showing their audience the traces that show up with the passage of time. This applies especially to her hair. In the last months, she has uploaded more than a few pictures to her Instagram where she can be seen showing off her amazing long blond hair, and an unmistakable gray and white color that highlights her roots. She totally pulled off the look, by the way!

3. Teri Hatcher

“I am always balancing ‘accepting myself as I am’ with ‘trying to improve.’ We all need to feel that we are enough!” said the actress from Desperate Housewives on her Instagram account when posting a picture where she had gray hair. And although it was a post in which she explained why and how she dyed her hair again after not being able to do it for a while, she was clearly not ashamed to expose her gray-haired roots to her more than 400,000 followers. Good for her! There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to hair!

4. Adriana Lavat

The Mexican actress has gotten us used to seeing her with beautiful, long gray hair which, by the way, she takes so much pride in having. Adriana is so proud of her hair that on Instagram she even asked her followers to send her a picture of their gray hair along with a little story that shows why they’re proud of it. The idea was to later share those pictures and stories on @mujeresconcanas, an account created especially for women with silver hair. “Remember: gray-haired woman, beautiful woman,” she said. Do you agree? We do! It’s a great initiative to raise awareness!

5. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is not only a well-known actress, but also an icon in the world of fashion and beauty. To attend Disney’s Festival of The Lion King in 2019, Katie decided to have her hair done with a tufted hairstyle, revealing some gray hairs in the front. But this was not the only occasion that she showed her gray hair, she also did it at Paris Fashion Week. Undoubtedly, this trend makes her look much more natural and authentic. There’s no reason why anyone has to hide their gray hair if Katie Holmes doesn’t do it, right?

6. Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress is another one of those celebrities who has joined the trend of letting their gray hair show, and she seems to be very happy about it. Even though her hair is blond and gray hair tends to be sort of camouflaged between these golden strands, you can still see it. For instance, in the right picture here, if you look at Paltrow’s upper part of her head, you can see some gray hair. Gwyneth chose this look to attend the Golden Globes in 2020 and also showed off her natural hair on her Instagram account.

7. Sarah Harris

Is there anyone who wouldn’t want to have the long fairytale hair that Sarah Harris has? The editor of Vogue UK confessed during an interview for Into the Gloss that her hair started to turn silver when she was only 16 or 17. And while she was a little bit worried at first, she later decided to just let it grow naturally and accept herself just the way she is. “So often I have young girls come up to me in the street and they’re like, ’Who’s your hairdresser? What dye do you use?’ I’m like, ’What dye?!’ And not many people believe me—unless it’s a hairdresser who’s like, ’Yeah, you can’t get that color out of a bottle.”

8. Eva Longoria

Actress Eva Longoria published a funny post on her Instagram account in which she showed her followers that her hair started turning gray. Without even thinking it might be taboo, Longoria showed her scalp and even came closer to the camera to show the roots of her hair. She looks great!

9. Demi Moore

Demi Moore showed her fans a very authentic and real side of herself in a video she uploaded to her Instagram account. There she could be seen pulling off a strange mustache drawn on her face, as well as a few gray hairs in her bun. “This is how I’m doing now,” she wrote. And it’s not the first time the actress has revealed her natural appearance. In 2016, she attended the Chelsea Flower Show with her classic long dark hair down and an unexpected detail. She showed some silvery hair, but it suited her super-well.

10. Salma Hayek

“Be proud of your roots,” prestigious actress and model Salma Hayek wrote in an Instagram post. There, she showed off some gray hair at the roots of her abundant head of hair. And if we had to decide what type of woman Hayek is based solely on the pictures she’s been posting on social media, it would be hard to deny that she prefers a natural look, no hair-dye, and almost no makeup. And we feel confident in saying that even if one of the last pictures she shared showed that she dyed her hair. But she also captioned to picture saying that she had to dye her roots because she was asked to for a photoshoot session.

How do you cope with your body changing over time? Are you one of those people who prefers to hide the marks of old age or do you prefer to show off your gray hair with pride? Share some pictures with us in the comments, if you dare!

Please note: This article was updated in December 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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The true meaning of try to hide your true identity coz of people's perceptions. It's always beautiful being natural and your self.


Natural is beautiful. Admittedly, some age more gracefully than others, but you should not hide and cover who you are.


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