10 Celebs Shared Their Easy Self-Care Practices That You’ll Absolutely Want to Try at Home

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Self-care has been defined in different ways. But according to the National Institute of Mental Health, it’s about taking the time to do things that improve both our physical and mental health. These may be the smallest acts, but they can have a significant impact on managing stress, lowering our risk of illness, and increasing our energy. These celebrities have shared the ways they practice self-care that help them the most.

And here at Bright Side, we’re all about trying things to make us feel better, and we think you might want to try them too.

1. Lizzo

Lizzo shared a post in which she wrote, “I started talking to my belly this year. Blowing her kisses and showering her with praises. I hated it so much. But it’s ME. I am learning to radically love every part of myself. Even if it means talking to myself every morning. This is your sign to love on yourself today!”

2. Ashley Graham

Ashley said, “If I’m not sleeping well, I’m not pleasant to be around. I’m not the best wife or mother I can be, and I’m making bad health choices. Now I keep my phone in my bathroom when I go to sleep, so it’s in an entirely different room and I don’t look at it before I go to bed. My eye mask in leopard print has to be on.”

3. Oprah

Oprah likes to take Sundays for herself. She said, “I always give myself Sundays as a spiritual base of renewal — a day when I do absolutely nothing. I sit in my jammies or take a walk, and I allow myself time to BE — capital B-E — with myself. When I don’t, I absolutely become stressed, irritable, anxiety-prone, and not the person I want to be in the world.”

4. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston likes to spend time with her dogs. She said, “I don’t look at my phone for at least the first hour after waking up. I’m waking up with my dogs! We play, we go outside, and we have a beautiful ritual where they all have a sit/stay while I put down their food one by one.”

5. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez said, “A nap is my best bet, not gonna lie. Taking a nap when I’m feeling a little low is nice because I feel like I can start over.” She also said, “I always feel so confident when I’m taking care of myself. If I’m not in the best headspace and my friends invite me out, I won’t go. I’ve lost my sense of FOMO, which I’m proud of.”

6. Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan Van Ness said, “Guided meditations help a lot too. You can also get on the ground and do a little restorative yoga moment — I do child’s pose, supine twists, and legs up the wall and hold each pose for 3 minutes or so and just breathe to calm my nervous system.”

7. David Beckham

Self-care is for everyone. David Beckham said, “For me, grooming is not only about how you look, but how you feel. It’s about being comfortable trying new things and shaping your next look.”

8. Snoop Dogg

In an interview, Snoop said, “As males, we all have feminine ways, just like women have masculine ways, so it’s okay to tap into those inner ways. I’m a man that can tap into my feminine side and still know that I’m a masculine man with a manicure.”

9. Gisele Bündchen

Gisele shared, “I noticed every time I felt overwhelmed, I would hold my breath. I had to learn to stop, relax, and take long deep breaths and within seconds I would feel more clear and ready to deal with the situation in a more loving way. Meditation has also been a wonderful tool. I notice that when I don’t take the time to do it, I am not as centered, patient, or clear.”

10. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba said, “Recently, I’ve started to work out for stress. I realize that I just need to give my mind a break. When you’re being pulled in so many different directions — and I’ve done more this year than I have in the last 6 or 7 — it’s full-on. If you don’t get rid of some extra energy, you can internalize it, and it becomes so unhealthy.”

What self-care rituals do you have? Are you going to try any of these?


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