10 Crazy Facts About “Twilight” That Will Make You Want to Re-Watch the Movies

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Despite getting mixed reviews from critics, Twilight became the most purchased DVD in 2009. Each teenage girl at that time likely imagined herself as Bella Swan, but not all of them knew that instead of Kristen Stewart, this role could’ve been taken on by Lily Collins or Jeniffer Lawrence. Here, we have gathered this and other curious facts you might have missed about the popular movie franchise.

1. Robert Pattinson almost got fired for being “a little too emo.”

After the premiere of Twilight, the actor admitted that he was on the edge of getting fired for acting “a little too emo” in his first film. Pattinson was only 21 at that time and wanted to play his role as artsy as possible and thought that being a bit emo was the right way to go. However, after filming one of the scenes, the producers insisted he act the opposite way, otherwise, the actor would’ve gotten axed.

2. Kristen Stewart couldn’t see well because of contact lenses.

All Twilight fans probably know that almost all of the cast wore contact lenses as a part of their costume, but for Stewart, this became a real pain. When the actress had to wear yellow lenses to show the vampire version of Bella, they really limited her scope of vision. Stewart admitted that these lenses were the one thing she couldn’t wait to say goodbye to.

3. Taylor Lautner had to gain 26 pounds to keep his role.

After the first Twilight movie, Lautner almost lost the role of Jacob because he was too thin. However, a producer agreed to keep Lautner on if he could gain 26 pounds of muscle, which the actor managed to do successfully and remained in the film.

4. Jennifer Lawrence or Lily Collins could’ve played Bella.

Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection/East News, GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/East News, © The Twilight Saga: Eclipse / Temple Hill Entertainment and co-producers

Although we can’t imagine a more perfect Bella than actress Kristen Stewart, there were other actresses in consideration for this role. For example, this could’ve been Lily Collins’ first movie role. Also, another famous actress, Jennifer Lawrence, auditioned for this role and was rejected. However, Lawrence got her own breakthrough role 2 years later.

5. The author of the book wanted Henry Cavill to play Edward Cullen.

EAST NEWS, SOPA Images/Sipa USA/East News

Not only was the role of Bella almost played by another actor, but Edward’s was as well. The author of The Twilight books envisioned Henry Cavill (our beloved Superman) as the perfect match for this role. However, the actor was too old to play Edward at the time of production. The character’s age was only 17, while Cavill was already 24.

6. Bella’s wedding dress cost $35,000.

The legendary wedding gown Bella Swan wore was designed by Carolina Herrera and cost around $35,000. The dress has since become famous, and likely all female fans of the films have dreamt of wearing it. That’s why other designers eventually made a replica of the gown at a more affordable price (only $799).

7. Tom Felton and Channing Tatum could’ve played Riley.

Invision/Invision/East News, Invision/Invision/East News, © The Twilight Saga: Eclipse / Temple Hill Entertainment and co-producers

In The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, there were several actors who were considered to play the character of Riley. The list of potential candidates was Channing Tatum and, eventually, Tom Felton. However, the producers made their choice in favor of Xavier Samuel, and the movie became his big break.

8. Kristen Stewart wore a wig throughout The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

From the way her hair looked, you may have assumed that Stewart was suffering from hair loss, forcing her to wear a wig, but that simply wasn’t the case. The actress at that time was playing a role in The Runaways and had another hairdo for this. However, the actress felt totally fine about wearing the wig.

9. The book’s author was a guest at Bella and Edward’s wedding.

If you’re attentive, you can spot the author of The Twilight Saga, Stephanie Meyer, in the scene of Bella and Edward’s wedding. Meyer appears at the party as a guest as Bella is being walked down the aisle by her father.

10. Dakota Fanning says only one word in Breaking Dawn — Part 2.

Despite being one of the main characters, Dakota Fanning, who played Jane in Breaking Dawn — Part 2, only spoke the word “pain” while applying her “dark” skills.

Which of these facts are you hearing for the first time? Do you want to re-watch the Twilight films?

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