10+ Everyday Beauty Procedures That Only Real Pros Know How to Do Correctly

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We all learned how to take care of our looks and basic hygiene in childhood, but there are some mistakes that we had no idea we were making before becoming aware of them. Even carefully reading instructions won’t always save you from mistakes that happen because “everybody does it,” or because “it’s done this way in the advertisement.”

We at Bright Side found some common beauty mistakes that lead to nothing but disappointment, along with 11 quick ways to start doing things correctly without putting forth much effort.

1. Not damaging your nails while filing them

Don’t file your nails back and forth, as it may damage them. Instead, go from the corner to the center. And don’t rush this — filing too fast makes it harder to achieve the shape you desire because you might take off too much of the nail too quickly.

2. Finding the perfect color match

Let’s start with choosing the right tone in a cream. Many people are guilty of trying it out on their wrist and end up with a tone that’s darker than that of their face. The most effective way to buy a cream that will match your skin color is to try it out on the neck.

3. Getting the perfect corners while applying lipstick

The hardest part of painting the lips is covering the corners. This problem can be solved cheaply by using a Q-tip — just place it between your lips and paint them like normal.

4. Saving your skin from damage

Let’s be honest, you likely use a cotton swab to wipe off your makeup each day. Facial skin, especially the area around the eyes, is extremely sensitive, and you’re doing more harm than good when rubbing your face with force. Try patting instead, as your skin will be grateful for it.

5. Preventing ingrown toenails

Even if you don’t have enough time for a pedicure, you still need to cut your toenails. To do this well, don’t round your toenails, just cut them in a straight line. Since round toenails have more of a chance of growing into your skin instead of growing forward as they should, this simple change can potentially save you a lot of trouble.

6. Being gentle with your skin while applying eyeliner

The eyelid’s skin is very sensitive, so stretching it while drawing on a winged look will accelerate the aging process. Instead, just lift your head up to apply the eyeliner like a pro.

7. Getting rid of unconscious cleansing

No matter how good your skincare products are, if you don’t use them correctly, there won’t be a good result. While washing their faces, people tend to mindlessly clean the same areas. This unconscious cleanse will leave areas like the upper part of the forehead and behind the cheekbones dirty unless you make an effort to reach these spots.

8. Painting your nails like a pro

To paint your nails perfectly without stepping foot in a salon, instead of painting in 3 strokes, try starting with the tip. After that, draw a dot in the middle and push it toward the cuticle. Sweep the brush outward and move toward the tip of the nail.

Repeat the movement from the cuticle to the tip on the other side. Finish the nail by going from the first dot where you started to the tip. And voilà, you’ve painted your nails perfectly!

9. Doing a zig-zag motion for perfect lashes

Applying mascara is pretty straightforward, but there are a few tips to get the maximum result. Experts suggest zig-zagging the lashes with a mascara wand from the base to the top. Another common mistake is applying the second coat before the first one dries. Wait 3 minutes before applying another coat, and your lashes won’t get clumpy.

10. Applying makeup with the perfect lighting

Makeup isn’t all about your skills or the products you use. You can improve the quality of your makeup simply by applying it in daylight. In daylight, you’ll have a clear reflection of your face and will easily notice if something isn’t blended properly.

11. “Healing” split ends

While women try to grow their hair out as long as possible, there’s a high probability you’ll have some split ends. Shelves are full of products that promise to get rid of them, but the fact is they just temporarily create the illusion of healthy hair. The only way to solve this problem is to trim or cut off the ends of your locks.

What mistakes have we missed? What’s the most useful beauty life hack you’ve learned about recently?


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round digs into the skin... when on your feet all day causes "in-grown" toe nails. PAIN.


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