10+ Facts That May Challenge Everything You Know About the World

3 years ago

Every day we go online and learn something new about the world. And the most fascinating thing about this is that it seems like there’s an infinite amount of wonders in the world, like rainbows at night, fungi that glow in the dark, and spiders that can dive and catch fish.

We at Bright Side have written a lot of articles where we talk about amazing facts but we still get surprised every time we write a new one. The world really is a wonderful place.

1. Rainbows can appear at night — they’re made by the moon, not the sun.

2. The number of dots on the back of a ladybug depends not on the age but on the kind: there are some with 2 spots, 7 spots, 14 spots, and even 22!

3. This dove is not wounded, this is its natural color. It’s a Luzon bleeding-heart.

4. In Turkmenistan, there’s a gas crater known as the “Gates of Hell” that’s been burning for more than 40 years.

5. The male brown antechinus mate so much that at the end of the mating period, they die of exhaustion.

6. Fitzroy River turtles can breathe through their butts.

7. Jellyfish don’t have a brain or heart. But they’ve existed for at least 500 million years.

8. Some spiders can dive and catch fish.

9. The Cyclocosmia spiders can dig vertical burrows when they’re in danger and will then close them with their flat abdomens.

10. Around 80 species of fungi glow in the dark.

11. The Stromboli volcano in Italy has been slowly erupting for the last 2,000 to 5,000 years.

12. These are iridescent clouds.

Are there any amazing natural phenomena, animals, or plants in the area where you live?


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Yeap :) We were on a road trip with my mom's van, I was a kiddo and we were crossing the States. It was a lovely tripp and one night I remember mom waking me up to see the "night rainbow" :)


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