10+ Last Minute Gift Set Ideas That Are on Sale Now

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Do you still need to find lots of gifts for acquaintances and all your relatives? When the timing is tight and there is no time to think, you need to act. Don’t panic. Statistics say that you are not alone, because the Friday before Christmas follows Black Friday as the busiest shopping day in the U.S.

But we’re here to save you. We’ve put together a list of tried and tested gift sets with lots of positive reviews on Amazon that you can still catch at a discount.

1. Delight your little superheroes with this bath & body gift pack. It consists of pure essential oils and natural butters that are even safe for children’s skin. It is ready to gift, as its box is wrapped in superhero-inspired paper and tied with a bow.


  • 1 fizzing bath blaster
  • 1 nourishing bath creamer
  • 2 cleansing soap slices
  • 1 cleansing shower gel

Promising review:
Fantastic product and lovely wrapping. This is my second time buying it, as my son loved it last Christmas. @craig higgins

2. Not sure what to put in the Christmas stockings? This is the best option. Trusted company, high-quality product with more than 10,000 positive reviews. This lip set will enhance a natural look as these lip balms leave a hint of color and a subtle shimmer.


  • 1 pale beige mauve lip shimmer
  • 1 bright cool pinky red lip shimmer
  • 1 warm red brown lip shimmer

Promising review:
I adore tinted lip balms — plus, add some glitter? Perfection. These shades are beautiful, and I’m excited to wear them 24/7. I feel like they don’t necessarily heal chapped lips, but they do feel good and aren’t sticky. My lips feel smooth and good during and after application. @Taylor

3. This gift set would be perfect for your mom or grandma. It has everything you could want for a self-care routine, from hand cream to bath salts. Its products have a pleasant floral scent with top notes of orange blossom, sweet birch, and gardenia blended with jasmine.


  • 1.69 oz. (50 ml) hand cream
  • 1.69 oz. (50 ml) body lotion
  • 1 oz. (30 ml) foot cream
  • 0.33 oz. (10 ml) lip balm
  • 1.05 oz. (30 g) bath salts

Promising review:
These are so lovely, smell divine, and are almost too nice to use! I purchased enough to gift throughout the year as well as to treat myself. Definitely a good value & stylish. @Ms. G. Mckenzie

4. Not enough presents under the Christmas tree? Not a problem. This set will perfectly complement your holiday decorations. And its contents won’t disappoint either. This Christmas cracker includes bombs with adorable designs and different scents.


  • 3 full-size bath blasters

Promising review:
I bought this for a friend and wasn’t expecting much, but I’m very impressed. The packaging was lovely, it was much bigger than expected, and you can smell how good it smells! Will order again! @Lauren issabelle

5. A real find for lovers of romance. You can put these rose-shaped soaps into the filled bath. The flowers will melt in the water, and you won’t have to clean up afterward. And also, the soap petals are infused with scents of sweet pea and honeysuckle. This means they will create a nice aromatherapy experience.


  • 12 soap flowers

Promising review:
These flowers are so beautiful and smell heavenly. I have bought a few of these in the past as gifts for people and they all love them. @jean hilton

6. Don’t know what to give as a gift and have no idea what all these lotions are? Choose this skin relief gift set. It’s formulated to be suitable for practically any skin, especially for very dry, irritated, and sensitive skin.


  • 10.14 oz. (300 ml) moisturizing body lotion
  • 6.76 oz. (200 ml) body oil spray
  • 10.14 oz. (300 ml) moisturizing body wash

Promising review:
Lovely body wash that doesn’t dry your skin out, feels nice to use, and has a delicate scent. @Amazon Customer

7. In need of a true spa experience? This gift set has everything for those who love to take baths. The 8 rose-scented bath products come in a cute mini tub package that you can reuse afterward.


  • 2 bath bombs
  • 7.9 oz. (233 ml) shower gel
  • 7.9 oz. (233 ml) bubble bath
  • 3.4 oz. (100 ml) body lotion
  • 3.6 oz. (106 ml) body butter
  • 3.5 oz. (103 ml) bath salt
  • bath puff
  • silver bathtub

Promising review:
The wonderful scent of roses without being overpowering makes this a lovely gift for a close friend.
The packaging design is stunning! @Debbie Shepherd

8. The perfect gift for your beloved gentleman. His ordinary shaving routine will be taken to a new level with this shaving collection. The products don’t contain artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, or ingredients from animal sources.


  • 1 original bamboo razor
  • 3.4 oz. (100 ml) moisturizer
  • 4.2 oz. (125 ml) face scrub
  • 1 shave brush
  • 1 bamboo shave bowl

Promising review:
This was bought for my 20-year-old son for Christmas, and he loved everything about this kit. He said how manly the soap bar was, and he liked the original shaving method. He was very happy with this! Excellent value for money as well! Highly recommend. @Linda Cairns

9. This is a gift for those who have been well-behaved this year. Instead of a bag of charcoal, they’ll get a whole bag of bath bombs. The set comes with 7 bath bombs, and each has its own unique scent.


  • 7 full size 5.64 oz. (160 g) bath bombs

Promising review:
These are perfect for all of you bath bomb fans — I bought them previously as Christmas gifts for my girls, and they loved them so much that they’ve become a household favorite.
It’s full of amazing, different smells. You won’t regret it. @Lil

10. Many of us miss warmth and sunshine on cold winter days, so a filled bathtub with a rainbow bath bomb can make a blue mood disappear. This cloud bath bomb set makes an excellent gift for your family and friends since each set is individually wrapped and placed in a beautiful gift box.


  • 4 extra-large 4.65 oz. (132 g) bath bombs

Promising review:
Lovely set of bath bombs. The packaging is very attractive and well-made, which makes it a lovely-looking gift, perfect for both grownups and children alike! Really cute and fun, decent quality for the price, and well-packaged. I highly recommend it! @Nicola

11. This hand cream set contains a variety of creams that you can choose according to your mood. Not only does it come at a bargain price, but it’s also skin-friendly for all skin types. It’s the perfect gift if you are not sure what to get.


  • 1 oz. (30 ml) cherry blossom hand cream
  • 1 oz. (30 ml) lavender hand cream
  • 1 oz. (30 ml) green tea hand cream
  • 1 oz. (30 ml) shea almond hand cream
  • 1 oz. (30 ml) rose hand cream
  • 1 oz. (30 ml) ocean hand cream

Promising review:
I used these to put in homemade crackers. They look more expensive than they are, and the cream is easily absorbed into the skin. The scents are all good too!
I would definitely buy it again to use myself or as a lovely gift. @Annon

How many people do you need to prepare gifts for this Christmas? Is this a time of relaxation for you or the busiest time of the year?

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