10+ Morning Hacks to Get Your Day Off to a Good Start

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10 months ago

Cracking an egg in your morning coffee or adding a pinch of salt to it are actually just a couple of the many simple ways to help you get on your feet easier in the morning. Aside from being extremely tasty — since it takes away any of the bitterness — an egg in your coffee is also extremely helpful to start your day strong and full of energy.

1. Add salt to your coffee.

If you’ve seen people adding salt instead of sugar to their morning coffee, it’s because it actually improves its flavor. It stirs away any bitterness and instead of milk or sugar, it doesn’t load you up with a dozen morning calories. Don’t overdo it though, a small pinch is enough to attain the perfect taste.

2. Include eggs in your breakfast, even in your coffee.

Vietnamese egg coffee is really popular for a reason. It might sound weird, but adding a yolk in your morning coffee tastes good and is also good for your body. According to a study, people who eat eggs in the morning are more energetic than the folks who don’t. So, if you combine eggs with caffeine you’ll create a morning boost like no other. You can also eat them any other way.

3. Try black tea or hot chocolate with some cinnamon.

If you are not a coffee lover, you can also try a cup of black tea. It contains both caffeine and L-theanine, which increases alertness and focus. But you can also create your morning boost with hot chocolate, if you add some cinnamon to it. It helps control blood sugar levels, which keeps your energy levels balanced without a sense of fatigue.

4. Drink a glass of water or even better, lemon water.

Water is essential no matter what time of day, but especially in the morning. Drink water when you wake up to improve your mental performance. It actually has to do with not being hydrated, which can cause the exact opposite effect. You can also try a glass of lemon water. This helps hydration, digestion, and weight loss, it contains vitamin C, which is good for the skin and immune system, and it’s an overall good way to start your day.

5. Include oatmeal in your breakfast.

Studies advise also trying to include oats in your breakfast, because it will boost your energy, make you feel more full, and will help you start off good. Research showed that people who eat a high carbohydrate breakfast stay more alert during the day that people who eat something else. And we have fiber and protein to thank for that.

6. Turn on the music.

There is no doubt that music affects our mood. Specific studies have shown that music can boost happiness and lower anxiety. Thus, starting the day with some upbeat and happy tunes is the best way to lift up your mood and get you going for the rest of the day.

7. Surround your space with bright colors.

The colors of our surroundings seriously affect our moods, experts say. Choose bright colors for your house and your bedding — especially if there’s not a lot of light in your apartment. Dress in brighter clothing, and you’ll see your mood change, your behavior perk up, and maybe even your diet get healthier. Imagine what a difference this could do to your day.

8. Prepare your outfit the day before.

Getting your outfit ready the night before is another thing you can do to save time in the morning. The more you have prepared, the less stress and more the time you have to enjoy your breakfast and other morning habits. If you already know what you’re going to wear, you won’t have to decide, and possibly get frustrated, in the morning.

9. Maintain a plan for the day and check your priorities.

Another thing that will help you both save time and get more things done is organizing. Keep a planning calendar with all the things that need to be done during the day, ranked from the most to the least important. If you do this, you won’t end up panicking at the end of the day about something that should have been done.

10. Move your alarm clock across the room.

It’s better to move your alarm clock across the room, rather than have it on your bedside table. This will help wake you up more effectively because you’ll have to get up to make it stop. If there is no snoozing and you are already out of your warm bed, it’s more probable that you’ll start your day without procrastination.

11. Grab a handful of nuts before you go.

Nuts — unsweetened and unsalted of course — are a great and healthy snack to begin with. Because they are rich in fat, carbohydrates, and protein, they boost our energy levels, make us feel full, and get us ready to start the day.

12. Do some quick exercises while brushing your teeth.

Including exercises in your morning schedule is another thing that will help you wake up easier since it boosts your body’s energy, and reduces fatigue, stress, and other negative feelings. If you cannot add a full workout, you can try doing 2-5 minutes of training while doing other things. For example, you can do some squats or wall sits in the bathroom while brushing your teeth.

13. Get some sunlight.

It is scientifically proven that natural sunlight improves our mood and feelings. It triggers our body, which stops to produce melatonin, the hormone that gets it to sleep. As a result, we are more alert. If you want to start your day bright and happy, open the curtains and let the sunlight in or even better step outside and get some sun if the weather permits.

How do you prefer to start your day? Do you include any of these habits in your morning ritual? Tell us in the comments.


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I find it hard to actually find time to sit down and have breakfast, so I'm gonna try this lemon water thing for sure.. any other tips for me?


My grandma used to add cheese to her coffee. I guess it counts like salt... You all should try it, it tastes good ?


I'm not really a morning person but when I have to get up early I always prepare myself a cup of chocolate and of course, add some cinnamon because I love it! Didn't know it can help you start your day tho... Now I'll add even more haha


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