10 Outdated Beauty Products That Have Better Alternatives

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The cosmetic industry develops really fast, but many people still use skincare products that have been there for years. And while fashion trends are often a matter of a personal taste, new beauty products can help you achieve far more dramatic results than their not-so-modern counterparts.

1. Facial wash gel — Hydrophilic oil

Hydrophilic oil is an alternative to a regular facial wash. But it works in a different way. This is why it can easily remove evening makeup or sunscreen, and is suitable for any skin type. Even though the product is based on natural oil, it will not clog your pores.

2. Lipstick — Lip tint

Tint is a cosmetic product used to color the lips, usually in the form of a liquid or gel. This product usually lasts longer than lipstick. A lip tint can be particularly handy because you can use it on both your lips and cheeks.

3. Regular nail polish — Breathable nail enamel

Wearing a thick nail polish on your nails daily can be uncomfortable and even harmful. So if you want to paint your nails in a more gentle way, you can use an innovative breathable nail enamel. It allows air and water to pass through the nail plate and keep the nail in the best condition.

4. Face scrub — Enzyme cleanser

Many people use face scrub with microgranules or fruit stones for deeper cleansing. But these skincare products can be too harsh for the skin. So, enzyme powder has become a popular alternative to a face scrub recently. This powder allows to gently and effectively cleanse and exfoliate the skin.

5. Hairspray — Volumizing powder

A regular hair mousse, wax, or hairspray can be replaced with a special powder. It lifts hair at the roots without weighing it down. This extremely fine powder is easy to use. And even though the powder is white, it’s not visible on the hair.

6. Regular antiperspirant — Natural deodorant

A regular antiperspirant can clog pores and prevent the body from sweating, which is necessary for natural thermoregulation. In addition, some ingredients can harm the environment and sometimes even health. This is why natural deodorants are gaining popularity.

For example, deodorants that contain potassium alum don’t reduce sweating, but have an antimicrobial effect and prevent unpleasant odors. “Deodorants” like this have been used in Southeast Asia for centuries. There are other versions of eco deodorants that differ not only in composition, but also in the way they have to be applied.

7. Skincare products with a long shelf life — Products with a short shelf life

Cosmetic products can be stored for years. But now there are more and more organic products with a short shelf life of up to a few months. It’s because sensitive skin requires plant-based products, not the ones with a complex chemical formulation.

8. Sheet masks — Hydrogel masks

Sheet masks have already become a popular addition to the home spa, but sometimes their disadvantages can even outweigh the advantages. For instance, many people say that they’re not effective enough and are harmful to the environment.

So jelly masks can become a great alternative. Many of them are just as effective and just as enjoyable, and there is much less waste after their use. Another solution is to use hydrogel masks without a plastic mesh base.

9. Regular foundation — Skin tint

Hybrid products that can be used for both makeup and skincare have become really popular recently. And a skin tint is exactly a product like this. It has a lighter texture and is said to create a reflective surface with the right shade.

10. Single-use under-eye patches — Reusable patches

While some people enjoy using single-use patches and even take photos of themselves in them, others consider them a controversial beauty product and seek more decent alternatives. That said, by using reusable silicone patches, you can have an even greater effect at a lower cost.

It is important not only to choose the right products, but also to use them correctly.


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