10+ People Who Know How to Tame Their Locks

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It’s no secret that when we change our hair, we’re about to embark on a journey that will change our lives. For some of us, letting our hair grow and taking care of it can uncover things we didn’t know existed: that we might have curly hair, that it makes us stand out from the crowd, or that we simply have found a new identity.

Bright Side came across 15 people that ditched the hair trimmer in favor of happy, healthy, and luscious hair — and here are their transformations.

1. “I’ve been growing it for going on 5 years now.”

2. “You look like James McAvoy with long hair!”

3. “Short hair or long, you are absolutely stunning. Do what makes you happy! Also, your hair looks so healthy!”

4. “You look younger with hair! Great growth progress, it really suits you.”

5. “13 months of growth!”

6. “Embracing my curly hair! I chemically straightened my hair for years, I had no idea how to tame my hair.”

7. “I don’t know how to say this without it being weird but you look like the lead on those romance book covers.”

8. “Now that is what you call a hair transformation!”

9. “How it started vs How it’s going”

10. “Man I gotta ask you, leave some of the women for the rest of us!”

11. “I had curly hair as a kid but then I straightened and curled it and it lost the curl. I’m glad my curls are back!”

12. “Last night, at 30 years old, I found out I have very curly hair.”

13. “Shaved my flat, chemically damaged hair off a year ago. Here is 1 year of growth!”

14. “I grew my hair mostly because I dance for a living, it makes me stick out and choreographers usually like how it moves.”

15. “My hair officially turned 2 today. Here’s the before and after.”

How often do you cut your hair? What’s one hair trend that you wish would never come back? Let us know in the comments.


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