10+ People Who Took the Leap to a Beautiful Smile, and Never Regretted It

7 months ago

A smile is one of the most powerful expressions of human emotion. It can convey happiness, confidence, and gratitude. But for some people, smiling can be a source of insecurity due to their dental issues. In this article, we will show you 12 people who took the brave step to a beautiful smile.

“I had braces for almost 2 years. It was life-changing.”

“2.5 years later + some bonding/composite on my front teeth. Very happy with it.”

“I was born without two teeth on top and the four on the bottom. I also do not have three of my wisdom teeth. After almost 2.5 years, I finally got my braces off.”

“Two and a half years and they’re off! Had to remove 2 teeth — it took ages for the gap to close and I was afraid it would always look crooked.”

“I was nervous to get braces at 28 years old!”

“But after being in a toxic relationship for 7 years where my then-boyfriend didn’t want me to get braces, I am happy I took the chance to make my dreams come true!”

“BRACES OFF TODAY! Before and after!”

“Best money I’ve ever, ever spent”

“Underbite before and after. Happy with the result.”

“This will honestly change my life, I’m very grateful things worked out well for my teeth, 13 months when I was estimated around 18-24 months is crazy.”

The journey from January 2021-March 2023

1 year of braces

“Changed my life!”

We are happy these people got back confidence in their smiles. Have you already heard about a ground-breaking discovery that will let people have a 3rd generation of teeth? Check it out here.

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