10 Phenomenal Amazon Launchpad Products That Will Level Up Your Life

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When you feel like you are stuck in a rut and can’t seem to make any progress, it’s time to break out of the same old, same old, and try something new and exciting. With a selection of innovative products from startups, including everything from a smart notepad to a moisture meter for plants, Amazon Launchpad has plenty of options that are perfect for making daily life a little bit easier. So, get ready to find some truly unique gems and make your day-to-day run smoother with the help of these awesome products.

1. If you have struggled with poor posture for as long as you can remember, then the neck stretcher can help you achieve relief from tension and stress-related pain in your neck. This amazing device makes it, so it only takes 10 minutes to get the tightness in your upper body to just melt away, and you’ll never have to worry about another headache again.

Promising review: I was recommended to get one of these by my chiropractor. My work is very demanding of me having to look down while working with my hands.
I had started to experience numbness in my hands. I was in need of having to be aligned up to 3 to 4 times a month. Once I started using this pillow, I have been able to maintain my neck alignment longer, and it’s helped me greatly. @LamLam

2. This desktop whiteboard is ideal for those who need to stay on top of their most important projects throughout the day. Not only does it help to eliminate the clutter of paper scraps and notes, but it also offers a generous amount of storage. To top it off, it even comes with a removable calculator, perfect for office supply aficionados.

Promising review: Very useful for adding work reminders. I would previously add these to a notepad, but they would get lost amongst other writings. Handy storage as well to keep the desk uncluttered. For my desk, it’s a little bulky, but I knew the dimensions when I purchased. @James King

3. If you have a love-hate relationship with toilet brushes, the silicone toilet brush is the perfect solution for you. This revolutionary product is designed to make cleaning your toilet easier than ever before. Its unique shape and flexible bristles make it perfect for getting around the rim and unblocking the toilet, while 2 traceless stickers make it easy to store behind the toilet.

Promising review: I got this brush because it is able to get under the rim better, will not splash you in the face like normal bristles, and it also will not be sitting in a pile of water. I was so tired of normal brushes, and I’m so glad that I now have silicone ones. They are so much easier to clean with and much more sanitary. I will forever buy these! @Anonymous

4. This wood repair kit is perfect for anyone looking to repair scratches and cracks on wooden furniture without breaking the bank. With this repair kit, you can achieve professional results with no experience and little effort. Plus, each kit includes 10 repair compounds, a spatula, a mixing jar, wood putty, and an applicator brush—all of the essentials for a beautiful repair job.

Promising review: I’ve tried wood-tinted crayons, etc. to cover marks and scratches on furniture, but nothing worked as well as the Coconix Furniture Repair Kit — the color selection was easy to mix, and it matched the green poplar wood grain perfectly. @Laura S.

5. If you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep because of noise and snoring, give your ears a break and get the restful sleep you deserve with these noise-canceling ear plugs! They are a great alternative to semi-disposable earplugs, as they sit flat to the ear and are designed for side sleeping. Plus, you don’t have to worry about inserting the earbuds deep into your ear canal — just pop them in and you’re good to go!

Promising review: I’m a light sleeper and very easily disturbed. So when the hamster at the other side of the house was nibbling the cage, I felt like the whole house was vibrating!
So I tried these that I’d bought for travel. Well — shocker — peace and quiet. I fell asleep but still heard my alarm in the morning. Since then, I’ve suggested them to one of my students who has noise sensitivity — they wear them now in school, very discreet, and can still hear the teacher however the onslaught of lower frequency noise from around and outside the classroom is more or less gone.
I received 2 pairs and preferred the smaller ones, but there’s not much in them — the bigger ones are only a tiny bit bigger. Great value, great product. Going to buy my own children some for traveling 👍 @bossymoo

6. This smart notepad is the perfect solution for those who like to take physical notes but are tired of having a dozen writing pads scattered all over the place. With the smart notepad, you can write your notes and with a simple wipe of a cloth, you can erase the page and reuse it. It’s ideal for shopping lists, useful information to be used at a later date, and all sorts of other memory aids. You can even store pages in the cloud!

Promising review: I wasn’t sure how often I would actually end up using this. But I am hooked! I use it for work, and while I don’t wipe it off at the end of each day — I do by the end of the week (or 2 weeks sometimes).
The app is easy to use, and I can categorize where routine meetings and discussions go with the app integrations. It is nice to go back and review my notes and have them all in one place for reference. I would buy notebooks for work, but then after you are done, you can’t categorize the pages, and they just get tossed out. Highly recommend! @KC03

7. The cleaning pen for AirPods Pro is the perfect solution for those who thought they needed to buy new AirPods because of the baffled sound. This handy tool turns your gunked-up AirPods into non-gunked AirPods in no time. It comes with a flocking sponge, high-density brush, and metal pen tip to meet all your cleaning needs—so you can say goodbye to gunk and hello to crystal-clear sound!

Promising review: My AirPods lost their sound quality, and I was thinking of getting new ones, but then I found this product online. I used it as soon as it arrived, and my AirPods are better than ever! @Ann Cyriac

8. If you are a plant lover who’s always forgetting to water your plants, don’t worry, this moisture meter has got you covered! Just leave the device in the pot, and it will continuously monitor soil humidity, turning from blue to white when your plant needs to be watered. Plus, it’s battery-free and environmentally friendly.

Promising review: These take away the worry of wondering if you need to water your plant. The fear of root rot is gone!
I use these for my more expensive plants, like the variegated monstera. Just water once the indicator has turned back to white! I would highly recommend. @Laura M

9. The Laundry Egg is the ideal choice for eco-conscious consumers looking for an alternative to pods and detergent. Just place the egg on top of your clothes in the drum, and you’re good to go—it’s designed to last up to 70 washes before needing to be refilled. It helps reduce your consumption of single-use plastic bottles and cuts down on the amount of detergent you need to use, making it a great way to save money and the environment!

Promising review: I love my Ecoegg! I have also gifted Ecoeggs to family members, and they love them too! It is easy to use, doesn’t take up lots of space, and there’s no rubbish to throw away! And my favorite fragrance is Fresh Linen. @Amazon Customer

10. With this curling iron, you can finally have the luscious locks you’ve always wanted without having to rely on someone else to curl your hair! This cordless curler is the perfect solution for fixing your hair on the go. Plus, it can be used for up to 60 minutes at 356°F (180°C), so you can get those perfect curls without any hassle. ’’Does the same job as those twice the price!’’ remarked Mrs P.

Promising review: I’m terrible at curling my hair with curling tongs or straighteners, but this is super. Curls my hair lovely. You have to be careful to get the exact amount of hair and no strays from other strands, as it does get caught easily but is easy to untangle.
The heat can be altered. It only takes a minute to heat up. I love it. The best purchase I’ve made yet. @Melissa Blake

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