10+ Photos That Show Us the Beauty of Human Genetics

7 months ago

Thanks to genetics, the world is filled with unique individuals that have special characteristics and beauty. Any 2 people have 99.9% of the same DNA. Some of us may be born with various physical traits that allow us to be unique because of the 0.1% difference. The people listed below have one thing in common — they all possess incredible physical characteristics that make them masterpieces of the human race.

1. “Wanted to get my ears pierced. I was worried about how it would look with the split earlobe. A few days ago, I decided to embrace it.”

Believe it or not, there are some people who have their earlobes split in half. Congenital earlobe abnormalities are uncommon conditions that have no known origin. They can take many different forms, such as cleft lobes, skin tags, and oversized or duplicate lobes.

2. “One eye is dilated too much.”

Mydriasis is a medical condition where the retina (the black center of the eyes) is bigger than usual. The anomalous pupil dilation can be caused by various factors, such as illness, side effects of some medications, or a traumatic injury. They are different from the natural dilatation of the pupils caused by changes in light and emotional events.

3. “My fingers can curl quite a bit.”

Some people have extremely wide ranges of motion in their joints. Individuals with joint hypermobility are especially flexible and can move their limbs into positions that others find impossible. Collagen alterations that are genetically determined are the primary cause of this condition.

4. “My ring finger goes ghostly white when I’m cold (both hands, same finger).”

A common disorder called Raynaud’s phenomenon impairs the blood flow to specific body parts, mainly the fingers and toes. The affected area typically becomes white, then blue, then red as the blood flow resumes when it is brought on by cold weather, worry, or stress.

5. “I have dermatographia, which means I can ‘draw’ on my skin.”

Dermatographia is the term for the condition that enables us to “write” on our skin. Minutes after a little scratch, a rash will emerge on the skin, and the marks will often go away in about 30 minutes. This ailment is pretty typical and doesn’t call for any extra care.

6. “My baby has an elf ear.”

There are cases where some people have elf ears, medically known as a Stahl’s ear deformity. Individuals that are affected with this condition have a pointed ear shape caused by misshapen ear cartilage with an extra fold.

7. “I have a freckle on my eye.”

Eye nevus, more typically referred to as a freckle on the eye, looks like a mole on the skin, which is made up of melanocytes. This formation can usually be found in the front of the eye, around the iris, or under the retina. It’s usually harmless but should be checked regularly by a doctor.

8. “I have brachydactyly type D, which makes my thumbs look different.”

People born with brachydactyly usually have shorter fingers and toes than normal ones. This condition happens when the bone growth gene is mutated, and it’s usually harmless. In rare cases, if there is immobility in the extremities, there are surgeries that can help treat the issue.

9. “My friend only has 3 teeth between her lower canines.”

After losing their baby teeth, some people can have missing teeth from the permanent dentition. This condition is commonly known as hypodontia. These individuals may be born with 1 to 6 missing teeth. It can affect any part of your mouth, but upper lateral incisors, upper second premolars, and lower second premolars are the most frequently missing teeth.

10. “I have a geographic tongue. This is the result of eating cinnamon bears.”

Fissured tongue is a condition where the top surface of the tongue is covered with numerous tiny grooves. These cracks might be single or many, superficial or deep. The tongue’s middle frequently has a noticeable fissure.

11. “This is me as a baby.”

The most frequent birth defects are cleft lip and cleft palate, which are openings or splits in the top lip, the roof of the mouth (palate), or both. They occur when developing facial tissue in an unborn baby doesn’t fully close. Most of these cases, according to researchers, are brought on by a combination of environmental and genetic factors.

12. “My 18-month-old has a double tooth.”

Having twin teeth is the result of a rare medical anomaly called germination of the teeth. The tooth splits and forms 2 different crowns that are conjoined at their base. The most affected teeth are the ones toward the front, which may affect the person’s smile.

13. “Met a new cousin yesterday with 6 toes.”

Babies born with polydactyly have 1 or more additional fingers. Usually, they’re tiny and improperly grown, and one out of every 500 to 1,000 newborns have them. These could develop as the hand forms. The hand first takes the form of a paddle and then splits into individual fingers. If this process takes a bit longer, the finger can split into another one.

14. “2-bone index fingers run in my family.”

Symbrachydactyly is an uncommon disorder where babies are born with short fingers, most often seen on the left hand. The fingers may not grow at all or can have partial development. This is a condition that can be treated with surgery.

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