10 Popular Things From the ’90s That We Can Still Absolutely Enjoy Today

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People who lived through the ’90s share the nostalgia for things that defined the culture of that era (i.e. the things we were into before social media). And some of these throwback items actually remain relevant today, as most of the ’90s trends are being revived by newer generations. Luckily, millennials who want to bring back the “good old days” can still get their hands on ’90s memorabilia today.

1. Tamagotchi

If you were a kid in the ’90s, chances are you either owned one of these or peeked at it through the hands of someone you knew. This digital pet, which came from Japan, gave kids a sense of responsibility — they had to feed, bathe and even clean its poop. The good news is, if you miss the simple joy of keeping your virtual pet happy and alive, there are stores online that still sell Tamagotchis.

2. Game Boy

Its small screen pales in comparison to today’s modern consoles, but Nintendo’s Game Boy was a game-changer back then. It was the first hand-held device that allowed users to play multiple games through interchangeable cartridges, kind of like the “grandpa” of the Nintendo Switch. Clearly, the Game Boy still has its market, as Nintendo tapped into the nostalgia trend and started selling its classic games again. But if you prefer to play with the old system, it’s also possible to buy original or refurbished Game Boys.

3. Trolls

These big-eyed, hairy dolls peaked in the ’90s and were believed to be bringers of good luck. The first troll was invented in the late 1950s by a Danish woodcutter who couldn’t afford a Christmas gift for his daughter. It was a hit among kids, and a company eventually started its mass production. In 2013, DreamWorks Animation acquired the intellectual property for the troll merchandise. They are still being sold as toys for kids today, although they’ve gotten a funky makeover.

4. Solitaire

People in the 90s spent their spare time conquering Solitaire, Minesweeper, Hearts, and FreeCell (IYKYK). It’s actually no surprise that Solitaire is the most-played computer game of all time, as it was inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame in 2019.

This digital card game has upgraded with the times, and we can play newer and more fun versions of it today. For example, there’s Solitaire Social, where you can also participate in tournaments or compete with friends.

5. Friendship bracelets

These bands were either made or bought, but nothing solidified a friendship in the ’90s like these bracelets did. Creating these pieces can still be a fun activity for a group of friends to do today, and there are even YouTube tutorials to help you come up with different embroideries and patterns.

6. Jelly sandals

This shoe trend from the ’90s actually turned into high fashion in 2022 thanks to celebrities like Blake Lively, who brought the jelly shoes back after she was caught by paparazzi wearing them. Other fashion brands rode the trend as well and started producing their own lines of jelly and plastic footwear, from slippers to sandals to doll shoes and boots.

7. Beanie Babies

These plushies — filled with pellets — were a huge toy fad in the ’90s and were sold in limited quantities. There were 9 original Beanie Babies, and old-school versions of these toys have a value of anywhere between $4 to a whopping $2,500 today. There is currently a selling empire of Beanie Babies, with avid collectors seeking out the classics. If you want to know which beanies can bring you cash, you can check here.

8. Blockbuster

Before streaming services were around, people in the ’90s rented movies or home videos from an actual physical store, Blockbuster. Sadly, it failed to compete with new business models and other viewing platforms. All the stores and franchises started closing, but one last branch remains standing today.

The store is located in Bend, Oregon. As of December 2022, The Last Blockbuster is one of the 3 remaining video rental stores in North America. They have a collection of around 1,200 titles (including this year’s Oscar-winning films) and has 4,000 members. They are also very active on their Instagram account, and the branch has become quite the tourist spot too.

9. iMac G3 (desktop computer)

The iMac G3 was the computer that brought the then-struggling Apple company back to life and back into the market. At the time it was launched, it was the fastest and most powerful computer around. Plus, its chic appearance and colorful design made it a real icon in popular culture.

Today, images of the G3 continue to evoke powerful nostalgia, sometimes even bringing us back to our school days, when we remember them lined up inside computer laboratories. There are still some original iMac G3s for sale on the internet. And, in case you’re wondering how the computer and its system holds up today, you can watch YouTube vlogs about it, like this one.

10. Floppy disks

This form of disk storage was eventually replaced by CDs and then by smaller and more portable flash drives. But one floppy disk merchant revealed that there’s still a market for them today and the airline industry still uses these plastic squares.

“If you made an airplane 20 years ago and you wanted to get the information in and out of the avionics, you would use the up-to-date, high-tech system available to you, which, 20 years ago, was a floppy disk,” he said. It’s nice to know that some of these old school items are still reliable today, and if you want to keep the sentimental ball rolling, you can click here, here, here, here, and here.


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i was born in 2005 and people still do the friendship bracless ( ik i spelled last word wrong)


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