19 Pics That Prove Nobody Can Escape the Overwhelming Power of Nostalgia

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The passage of time is reflected in our faces, and many times, we need the help of photographs to relive some memories or create beautiful moments that we can share with our loved ones. We love to take a lot of pictures to capture those amazing things we live through every day.

Bright Side invites you to see the best photos of some people, reflecting pure nostalgia.

1. “My granddad and his wheels, ~1950 and 2020”

2. “At my desk, hardly working, 1992-2019”

3. “My husband and me in 1990 and 2017”

4. “My mom and I getting ’called to the bar’ as lawyers 35 years apart — 1981 and 2016”

5. “Same mom, same me, same teddy bear some 55 years apart”

6. “We were destined to get this Titanic set (1998 vs 2022).”

7. “My bros and me”

8. “My son and me, 1987 and 2017”

9. “My mom on her wedding day in 1972 and then in 2021 on the exact same stair”

10. “Me on the left, my son on the right, 39 years apart”

11. “My adorable Puerto Rican grandparents”

12. “A side by side of my great (3x) grandmother and my mother”

13. “My paternal grandfather’s high school photo compared to me at age 20.”

“I always said I didn’t really look like my parents, but I definitely got my father’s genes.”

14. “My paternal grandfather and myself”

15. “My great-aunt (my grandma’s sister) and me at the same age”

16. “The 3 mouseketeers”

17. “My mother at age 21 (left) and me at age 27 (right)”

18. “Grandma in 1955 vs me in 2022 — still no cherry blossoms yet.”

19. “My parents in 1976 and 2020 — they have been married 39 years this year.”

Which of your family members do you look like the most? Which photo makes you super nostalgic? Tell us the story and show us the picture in the comments.

Preview photo credit prideandprejudas / Reddit


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Is it just me or is #3, 8 and 16 the same people?
Also for years people told me that I looked exactly like my mom. Neither of us saw it, until at 16 I saw a photo of her at the same age, and asked my cousin where they got a B&W picture of me.


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