10 Products That We Should Have Replaced for a New One a Long Time Ago

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Did you know that we should change our hairbrush every year? In the case of some products, the passage of time is not noticeable to the naked eye, so we might consider them to still be useful. That’s why we continue to use them. However, many of them have a recommended life span.

1. Running shoes

These shoes tend to wear out with use, so we can tell it is time to buy a new pair. Nevertheless, there are times when their deterioration is not visible, but it can be felt.

Over time, the foam that cushions our steps gets deformed and flattens, and consequently the outsole loses its shape, as happens with a tire. In addition, the shoes can also break and peel off.

Although much depends on the weather, the type of ground you walk on, and perspiration, the feeling of discomfort, and, in severe cases, injury indicate that it is time to change shoes.

Some manufacturers recommend changing shoes after 400 to 500 miles, while others indicate that deterioration may begin after 6 months to 1 year of use. However, it is best to pay attention to how they feel when we practice sports or have them on.

2. Headphones

The duration of the headphones will depend on their quality. In general, if they have good quality, they can last 4 to 5 years. These kinds of products are affected by common wear and tear, perspiration, the way they are stored, and the pulling or forcing of the wires.

3. Eyelash glue

Glue for false eyelashes is another product that, unless it dries off, we use for a longer time than we should. Bear in mind that we place this product very close to our eyes, so we’d better be careful. When unopened, it can last 3 to 4 months. But, once opened, it is recommended to use it within 4 to 5 weeks.

4. Makeup brushes

Keep in mind that, just like makeup, our tools for applying it have a life span, regardless of whether they break or not. In the case of brushes, which are in direct contact with our skin, if they are of very good quality, they can last from 10 to 12 years.

If they are cheaper, we should get rid of them when they begin to lose their “little hairs”.

5. Sunglasses

Sunglasses do not only make us look good, but they also protect our eyes from the sun. So we should never forget that they have a limited duration. Yes, they do expire.

Apparently, after wearing them for 2 hours a day for 2 years, the lenses lose their protective properties, so they need to be renewed periodically.

6. Hairbrush

As hard as it may be to imagine, our brush may be storing bacteria, dandruff, dust, and other elements that pass through our scalp every time we comb our hair. Because of this, an old brush can cause irritation and clog hair follicles. It is advisable to give our brush a thorough cleaning every month and to pay attention to how it looks to be able to tell when it is time for a new one.

If the bristles are broken, the brush can’t be cleaned anymore, or the pad is too soft or already has cracks, then it’s time to replace it. Esthetician Essie “Tiffany” Button suggests changing this product every 6 to 12 months, especially if it’s made of plastic or rubber.

7. Slippers

Unlike other types of footwear, slippers are normally used every day at home, so they may deteriorate faster than other shoes. In general, their average life span is 1 year, but this also depends on how much we use them, whether they are exclusively for indoors or not, as well as their quality.

8. Bath towels

We usually change towels, but mostly because they are torn or worn out. However, we should avoid getting to that point and check if they still have their absorption capacity, as this can fade away in about 2 years.

9. Pillows

If we do not change our pillows regularly, we may get allergies, neck pain, and even pimples. Specialists recommend not only cleaning these products, but also changing them every one or two years.

10. Kitchen sponge

This sponge removes all residues from our dishes, so we must change it frequently. It is recommended to wash it with hot water every day to extend its useful life, as well as to change it every week or when we notice that it smells bad or feels slimy.

What other products have a shelf life, even if it is not obvious?

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