10 Real Faces of Famous Characters That Were Hidden From Us

3 years ago

Animation professionals are known for hiding Easter eggs and little secrets in their work, like for example, the hidden number that appears in almost every Pixar movie. But the characters in this list have been hidden from us for years. Now we get to see their faces.

We at Bright Side love a mystery with a good ending. And we've waited quite a while to see who is behind these masks.

1. Sara Bellum - Powerpuff Girls

Miss Sara Bellum or "Sweet Cheeks" the deputy mayor on the animated series Powerpuff Girls, featured on Cartoon Network, is the real brain and mindpower behind the Mayor's office in Townsville and the town itself. Her face was never shown until the episode called "The Powerpuff Girls Rule!" hit our screens - if you catch the right moment, you can briefly see the face of this powerful redheaded lady.

2. Vera Peterson - Cheers!

Hardcore fans followed Norm and Vera Peterson's rocky relationship throughout the Cheers! series for 5 years. But we were never shown the wonderful face of actress Bernadette Birkett, who provided us with the voice of Norm's beloved wife.

3. Dad and mom - Cow and Chicken

Ok, we get it - Cow and Chicken is about cow and chicken, but have you ever wondered what mom and dad look like? In 4 seasons of the show they have graced us with their presence numerous times, but only once were we able to catch their faces.

4. Benedict "Father" Uno - Kids Next Door

As we already know by now, Cartoon Network animators are masters at hiding their characters behind masks and shadows and Benedict Uno, the arch nemesis of Kids Next Door, is no exception. When the Father from Delightful Mansion From Down The Lane is shown - he is waaaay less scary than we could've imagined.

5. Rey Mysterio Jr. - WWE

Not that WWE fighters are well-known for flashing their faces in public photos, but Rey Mysterio remained a mystery for many years. We can't imagine why, since Oscar Gutierrez, in our opinion, has a lovely face.

6. Nanny - Muppet Babies

The nice lady who takes care of the Muppet babies in the nursery is always shown from the babies' perspective, so we never really see her above shoulder level. But that didn't prevent the unknown artist from getting creative and giving us a peek.

7. Dr. Claw - Inspector Gadget

By this point in the article we have definitely grasped the animators idea of hiding villians so they will be slightly more terrifying and vicious. We could only find the infamous Dr. Claw's face on the action figure produced to promote the Inspector Gadget series.

8. Mammy- Tom & Jerry

Voluptuous lady of the house in the Tom and Jerry franchise, Mammy, was voiced by a whole set of amazing women: Lillian Randolph (1940–1952), June Foray (1965–1972), Thea Vidale (1989–2001), Nicole Oliver (2006–2008). And with all of those voices, she only had one face that was briefly shown in one episode.

9. Mother - How I Met Your Mother

Until the very last season, How I Met Your Mother kept viewers on the edge of their seats with its charming wit and suspense by never showing who the titular mother was. We think we can say for all of us - viewers were eager to see the face of Cristin Milioti in the last season of the beloved show regardless of whether it made them happy or sad.

10. Bill Brasky - SNL

Appearing in 7 sketches overall on SNL in the span of 15 years, Bill Brasky, as his colleagues suggest, is a "son of a"... well, you know. Sadly, over those years, we could only find the back of Bill's head, but if he ever appears on screen from the front - we'll definitely let you know.

Have we forgotten anyone you wanted to see? For more unseen characters, be sure to check out our other article - 12 Famous Television Characters Whose Faces Remain Unseen.

Preview photo credit Cartoon Network


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