10 Sacrifices Our Parents Made for Us (and We Didn’t Even Notice Them)

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2 years ago

When we are young, we take our parents’ love for us for granted, and don’t appreciate them as much as they deserve. But, as we grow older, we realize that our parents are the biggest supporters in our lives. They happily gave up a lot of things in order to raise us in the best possible way they could.

To shape you into the amazing person you are today, your parents went through a lot of hardships, so in case you need another reason to love your parents even more, we at Bright Side would like to give you 10 of them.

1. They made sure you had the best, even when they were at their worst.

For parents, their children are everything and they would do anything to put a smile on their faces. Instead of buying themselves new and better things, parents put their children first and make sure that they are happy and content. Your parents always put your comfort above theirs.

2. They sacrificed their sleep so you could dream big.

Having a baby equals losing sleep (for years), but we are not pointing at the obvious. When a new member enters the family, there are some major changes that take place, including financial planning. Parents who are expecting start working harder to make more money for the expenses that will occur in the future. In fact, expectant parents are so hardworking and determined to make their children’s future bright, that they work more productively and make better employees. Your parents worked sleepless nights tirelessly so you could aim for the stars.

3. They gave up their hobbies.

Being a parent in itself is like a full-time job, so when a baby is born, keeping hobbies alive becomes next to impossible, Taking care of children, spending quality time with them, teaching them, keeping an eye on them... the list is never-ending, which is why people end up giving up on their hobbies when they welcome a child.

4. They left everything and took care of you when you were sick.

There’s a reason why when you are sick, you automatically think of your parents. Ever since you were brought into this world, your parents have always been on their toes when it came to your health and well-being. They’ve spent days and nights looking after you and treating you for whatever illness you had, putting everything else in their lives on hold.

5. They spent more time with you and put their social life on hold.

It is essential for parents to spend time with their children in order to build a long-lasting, beautiful relationship. But to do that, our parents had to put their social life on hold and deprioritize meeting their friends, going out to parties, and staying up late.

6. They shared that last piece of food with you when they were hungry.

This one is personal and something your parents will never tell you, especially your mom. Often, when children ask for food, parents end up giving them their share. In fact, when there is only enough food for one person, mothers will give it to their children and go to bed with an empty stomach.

7. Privacy became a luxury they couldn’t afford.

For a couple, privacy goes out of the window after childbirth. Children follow their parents around literally everywhere, ask them numerous questions, and always ask to sleep with them as well, and parents accept all of these things lovingly, with a smile on their faces.

8. They saved up for your future instead of spending big on themselves.

When we grow up and start working ourselves, we realize how hard it is to actually make money. Our parents worked harder to make a living for the whole family and instead of spending it on themselves, like they deserved, they saved up for us and our future.

9. They kept calm when you destroyed their favorite things.

Being a parent requires patience, a LOT of it. You gotta deal with your kids accidentally breaking your really expensive things, switching the channel to their favorite cartoons, when you desperately wanted to watch that new show, spilling your embarrassing secrets to your guests, and so on. Your parents told you, “It’s okay” when you destroyed their favorite thing and pretended that it didn’t hurt them deep down.

10. They gave you their whole heart.

As we grow up, it becomes clear to us that nobody will ever love us as much as our parents do. They teach us the true meaning of selfless, unconditional love. Parents dedicate a large part of their lives solely to their children and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Go give your dear parents a big warm hug and let them know how much you appreciate everything they’ve done for you!

Are you close to your parents? What is your most cherished memory with them? Share your stories with us in the comments.

Please note: This article was updated in May 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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I only realized these things when I got older and I'm so thankful to my dear parents for everything they have done to me!


My mom didn't keep calm when I destroyed her favorite vases ?

though I laugh about it right now


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