10 Seemingly Necessary Items We Buy During Pregnancy That in Reality Just Waste Our Money

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2 years ago

Pregnancy is a special time for every woman. From daily changes of her body to wanting to be thoroughly prepared for labor and birth, she is constantly thinking through all of the little details in advance. That is basically how the list of things to buy continues to grow.

At Bright Side, we decided to study the opinions of internet users and experts in order to make a list of items you can easily do without.

Special maternity clothes

The female body changes rapidly during pregnancy, so you have to choose comfortable and loose clothing. Unfortunately, special maternity clothes are not cheap: women spend an average of about $500 on them. Moreover, these clothes are not always comfortable, and it’s not quite clear how to use them after childbirth. Perhaps the only thing you really need is jeans with an elastic waistband.

  • Maternity clothes are often awful. I just buy oversized style clothes rather than maternity. Floaty dresses, oversized shirts, etc. © loopylicky / Reddit
  • I bought a lot of different dresses when I was pregnant. I spent quite a lot of money on them, but at the same time, I hated them. Some dresses squeezed my belly, while others were too small in the chest.

Cheap options for a doppler fetal monitor

Many expectant mothers are worried about the health of the baby and want to know how the pregnancy is progressing. Besides, you can now buy inexpensive monitors online that track the heart rate of the fetus. However, experts don’t recommend using these devices.

First, they are different from professional models. Second, only a medical professional can detect the heartbeat and understand whether everything is fine. At the same time, doctors don’t know how the frequent use of ultrasound devices affects the health of a mother and a baby.

  • I’m a professional midwife. My fetal doppler cost me about $750. I’m not sure what kind of a doppler you’d be getting for $50-70, but I would wonder who made it, who regulates it, and whether or not it’s actually even safe for the baby. Besides, future mothers don’t usually know what would be considered a normal or abnormal fetal heartbeat. Just like they don’t know how to differentiate between maternal and fetal heart sounds. © coreythestar / Reddit

Stretch mark creams

Pregnancy often leaves marks on the female body, including stretch marks. Scientists are inclined to believe that genetics plays a role here.

Unfortunately, most stretch mark creams don’t actually work. But they can soothe the itchy skin that occurs when certain parts of the body begin to increase in size. It’s worth talking to a dermatologist to find the right product.

  • Unfortunately, stretch marks come down to genetics and there’s nothing you can do to avoid them. Some people use creams to minimize the itching though. I personally didn’t use any creams, only got stretch marks under my breasts. © H8erade18 / Reddit

Different vitamin supplements that are not prescribed by a doctor

Healthy nutrition plays a big role during pregnancy. Often, expectant mothers begin to take various vitamin supplements of their own choosing in order to add more nutrients to their diet. As recent studies have shown, there is little benefit from this. If the supervising doctor has not prescribed additional supplements, only folic acid and vitamin D should be taken in some instances.

  • I tried taking pregnancy multivitamins, not only are they huge but I legit had the worst nausea of my life the 3 days I took them before I realized they were making my morning sickness much worse. © prunellazzz / Reddit

Some pregnancy pillows

This pillow is quite comfortable, but a lot depends on its quality and filler. Besides, people sometimes choose pillows without paying attention to their size. As a result, there is no free space on the bed.

Good options are not cheap, but they are also more comfortable to sleep on. If you wish, you can make one of these pillows yourself to your taste.

A lot of baby clothes

Many mothers like to buy a lot of baby clothes. All these little T-shirts, pants, and dresses look so cute that it’s impossible to pass them by. But babies don’t need this many outfits at all, and the frequent changing of clothes causes irritation in babies. Also, babies grow up very quickly, and some of the clothes will stay almost unused and end up just sitting in their closet or being sold at an online marketplace.

  • When I was expecting my son, I simply couldn’t resist baby clothing departments. I bought a bunch of T-shirts, pants, jackets, and bodysuits in the smallest size. And I was really surprised when they all turned out to be too small for my son.

Breast pump and sterilizer

A breast pump is a really useful device, especially if an expectant mother plans to breastfeed. But don’t purchase this item in advance. It’s very much possible that the chosen model won’t suit you despite the positive reviews on it.

It’s better to rent several different breast pumps (sometimes they offer this service in maternity clinics) and choose the best one for you. The same rule applies to a sterilizer and bottles. If you won’t be feeding your baby with formula, a sterilizer won’t be necessary.

  • We bought bottles in different sizes with various nozzles and a sterilizer long before our baby was born. But we didn’t get a chance to use them because for the first year he refused to drink anything except for breast milk. And after that, he began to drink from a cup.

White noise machine

Some parents are worried that their baby won’t sleep well and that they won’t either, so they purchase a special white noise machine. This device really helps babies fall asleep faster, but it doesn’t affect all babies. Besides, frequent use of white noise generators can be bad for your health.

Some types of belly bands

Belly bands help many expectant mothers who experience back pain. However, some experts don’t recommend wearing these bands for a long time. Plus, they are just uncomfortable. You should buy a band in a specialty store, after having tried it on first. You can find cheaper options online, but some of them will be a waste of money.

Breastfeeding cover

Some expectant mothers think about how they will breastfeed their baby in public in advance. Fortunately, there are a lot of capes and aprons for sale that can easily hide the process of breastfeeding from prying eyes. This item has just 2 disadvantages. First, some models are too bulky, and you have to carry them along. Second, not all babies feel happy about being covered during their meal. So, it’s much easier to carry a scarf or light shawl with you.

  • I use a lightweight muslin swaddle blanket. I never thought the covers were very helpful or useful, especially when it’s hot out. © M****MeMolly / Reddit

Did you buy anything during pregnancy that you never used afterward? Tell us in the comments below.


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