10+ Smart Beauty Hacks to Improve Your Look in the Easiest Way

While the body positivity image is changing for the better, appearance is still the most common worry among women, leaving finance, health, and family behind. The average woman spends an hour a day working on her appearance. But there are plenty of lifehacks that will make your beauty routine quicker and easier.

We at Bright Side found 11 foolproof tricks to make your look flawless without going the extra mile leaving you time for what matters the most.

1. Foot mask for dry feet

To make your feet smooth like a baby’s skin, soak your feet in hot water. Afterward, apply a paste made from crushed aspirin and lemon juice on both feet and cover them in plastic. To make sure that you can still move around the house without plastic unwrapping, put your socks on. Keep the mask on as long as you want, but not less than 2 hours. Your heels will thank you for that.

2. Easy curls with nothing but a hairdryer

In case you have no time for using the curling iron, this trick might save the day. Just dry your hair as you normally would, and when it’s about 85% dry, section your hair and twist each strand. Dry the hair till it is completely dry and gently separate your curls.

3. French manicure in no time

A French manicure can be created with nothing but a beauty blender, or a sponge, and nail polish. Just apply some polish to the sponge and press the tip of your nail into it. You might need some practice to make it perfect, but the final result will get the approval of people who don’t have enough time to visit nail salons.

4. Tea to fight dark circles

Apart from tiredness, sleepless nights award us with dark circles. In case you didn’t have enough rest, hide it from others by simply using cooled-down tea bags. Nothing can compare to the look of a well-rested person, but tea might be a temporary solution to looking flawless.

5. Sheet against the static hair

Static hair is a problem that tickles our nerves all year round. To fix it, grab a drier sheet or tin foil and gently rub it down your hair. This won’t take much space in your purse, but you’ll need just a few seconds, and voilà no hats or air dryness will spoil your look.

6. Razor for split ends

Split ends are the problem known to every girl who’s dreaming of long hair. To get rid of them, without losing the length, separate your hair into small strands and put the ends out. Use scissors, or a razor, to cut the hair that is sticking out.

7. Liquid pantyhose

In case the dress code requires you to wear pantyhose, there’s a way to avoid it without being noticed. Apply foundation on your legs like you would apply it on your face. You could mix the cover cream with moisturizer to reduce the usage of foundation and make it less thick, and easier to apply.

8. Sleep-friendly way to curl hair

Separate your hair into small strands and wrap each strand of your hair around the straw. Fold the straw in half and tie it with a band. Go to sleep like you normally would, let the hair dry at night, and remove the straws in the morning. After that, you’ll separate your hair and form smaller curls and all eyes will be on you and your new hairstyle.

9. The best way to wash curly and wavy hair

The method proved to be great for girls with frizzy hair. Wash your hair as usual and apply curl cream or leave-in hair conditioner. Dip your hair in a bowl of warm water, pop the bowl down and scrunch the water out. Repeat several times. Since these hair products are suggested to apply on dripping wet hair, the water will help the product absorb better into the hair.

10. Hollywood eyelashes in less than 1 minute

To use this lifehack make sure that your hair blower has a cool setting. If it does, blow the cold air upwards, to curl your eyelashes. However, there are a few things to remember to keep your eyes safe: use only cold air, don’t try it if you have contact lenses, remember that the air reduces the moisture of your eye, so this method isn’t safe to use on a regular basis

11. Aloe for the healthy nails glow

Aloe is low-hanging fruit for beauty. Nails benefit from aloe’s hydrating, faster growth, and strengthening qualities. So to give your nails a quick and low-cost spa day and cut the aloe and apply it to your nails. You can get the pulp and mix it with tree oil and apply it to your nails. Or have some fun by using long leaves to make the Halloween-like nail mask.

How much time do you spend on beauty procedures? What other life hacks could help our readers to look perfect in no time.


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