10 Style Lessons We Learned From Our Favorite Celebs

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9 months ago

Celebrities spend a lot of time in the public eye, constantly being filmed and photographed. Creating their signature styles and always looking good may be crucial for their careers, that’s why many celebrities become fashion and style gurus with time. Some of them choose their clothes on their own, others seek help from professionals, but in any case, they have quite a few useful tips on picking the most flattering outfits and accessories.

We at Bright Side learned 10 fashion lessons from celebrities, and we hope you find them useful too.

1. Find your signature style.

Throughout the years, many celebrities have developed their signature fashion styles. For example, Cara Delevingne is a fan of trouser suits, while Keira Knightley often chooses girly dresses for red carpet events. Consistency in choosing outfits helps celebrities create their own unique image and present their appearances in the best ways possible.

2. Buy a pair of nude pumps.

Wearing shoes in a color that’s close to the color of your skin is one of the easiest ways to make your legs appear longer. Many celebrities are fans of nude heels, like for example, Angelina Jolie.

3. Play with proportions.

Understanding the proportions of your body is crucial for choosing flattering outfits. With the help of clothes, you can balance your figure and highlight your best physical qualities. For example, actress Sarah Jessica Parker often chooses outfits that add volume to the upper part of her body.

4. Find your type of sunglasses.

Finding sunglasses that suit your face shape can be a tough job. Square, cat eye, aviators, there are so many models that may look fabulous on one person, but awkward on another. Try to experiment and choose what’s best for you. And it’s not necessary to pick just one model! You can have several of them for different occasions. For example, Rihanna is often seen wearing sunglasses in different shapes with thick white rims.

5. Assemble your capsule wardrobe.

Putting together your basic wardrobe is very important, as it makes getting dressed up much easier and less chaotic. Celebrities have a lot of fancy evening gowns, but they also pay a lot of attention to the capsule wardrobes that they wear every day. Their plain jeans and simple shirts look nice together and create a stylish image.

6. Invest in classic jewelry.

The idea of a basic, or capsule wardrobe, that we just mentioned, works for jewelry too. Neat studs, delicate hoops, and minimalist gold chains are among the jewelry essentials that can come in handy when creating almost any look, be it a business outfit or a fancy evening look. Celebrities also have classic jewelry pieces that they use to accessorize their red carpet looks.

7. Use clothes to highlight your advantages.

All body shapes are beautiful. Knowing the features that make your figure unique can help you choose the most flattering outfits for your body shape. Celebrities have learned to do this really well. For example, Kim Kardashian prefers to highlight her curves, while Taylor Swift often wears shorts and miniskirts that help her show off her long legs.

8. Find your color.

There are many ways to determine the clothing color that suits your appearance best. One of the most effective ways is to simply experiment. Try on clothes in different colors and shades and you’ll eventually find those that work best with your skin tone and the color of your hair and eyes. Many celebrities have their favorite colors. Adele, for example, often chooses black attire, while Rihanna is often seen wearing white.

9. Try mixing different styles.

This may be not easy and it takes a lot of practice. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at Olivia Palermo’s style. She is known as a person who wears the boldest mix-and-match looks and nails them. She knows how to recycle the pieces she’s already worn by combining them in different ensembles.

10. Don’t forget about accessories.

Suitable accessories can brighten up even the dullest looks. When you get tired of your outfits, don’t rush to buy new clothes. Try to add an unusual accessory to take your old ensembles to a whole new level. Emily Ratajkowski often wears jackets and coats in pastel colors, and she likes adding bright spots with the help of colorful accessories.

Which celebrity styles inspire you the most and why? Do you have your own fashion tips and tricks that you swear by?

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