10+ Things You Definitely Need If You Spend More Than 5 Minutes a Day in the Bathroom

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You should not wash your hair while in the shower. Yes, there are not many things that can compare to the relaxing feeling of a hot shower. But just as hot styling tools can damage your hair, hot water and steam can dry out your hair and make it brittle. When washing your hair, it’s best to use lukewarm water.

To make sure your time in the bathroom is only beneficial, you can also take a look at the products below.

1. More than 6,000 customers have already enjoyed the soft massage of this mat and rated it 5 out of 5! You can use this anywhere from your feet to your body.

  • The bristles reach hard-to-reach places between your toes without having to bend over.
  • Foot massage is one way to improve blood circulation.
  • The mat is made of silicone.

Promising review:

After reading reviews, I decided on the larger size, and I’m very happy I did! It remains in place during use with the suction cups on the back. It’s easy to use, and I hang it on the hook on my shower shelves to keep it clean and dry. I now feel much safer washing my feet in the shower. I would definitely buy it again. @ Lovetolaugh

2. Just trust us, these towels will please you more than the regular ones. Because they are softer and more absorbent. And their appearance will make every bathroom visitor smile!

  • They are made of microfiber.
  • They come as a pair, a cute pig and a kitty cat.
  • The kit also includes a hook to hang them up.

Promising review:

Set of 2, brilliant for the bathroom and kitchen. I can just squeeze my hand on them to get them dry instead of wiping a lot on a tea towel and making my hands dry. They also come with 2 hooks to attach them anywhere. One of my better purchases. @ Dennie

3. This set of bath bombs is not only fun but also beneficial for your skin! In fact, they are made of plant extracts, essential oils, and minerals.

  • You will receive 12 handmade balls.
  • 12 scents: lavender, melon ball, lemon, green tea, mango and papaya, shea butter and coconut, rose, sweet orange, ocean, chamomile, mint, and strawberry.
  • Once dissolved, they help you feel the relaxing and moisturizing effects of your bath.

Promising review:

I was so surprised when these charming little bath bombs arrived, the packaging was lovely and the little labels describing the smell of each, individually-wrapped, they were honestly so sweet. I bought them as party bag favors for my daughter’s 8th birthday party. @ Kindle Customer

4. The real space saver is this bathroom curtain with pockets! Its pockets are made of mesh, so they don’t accumulate moisture.

  • It has: 4 small, 3 medium, and 2 large pockets.
  • Size: 182.9 cm x 177.8 cm (70″ x 72″)
  • You can hang the side with the pockets facing either the inside of the bathtub or the outside.

Promising review:

My husband and I love this shower curtain! The storage pockets add so much space to our shower/bath area where we keep our most used and heavier products, and our other items are easily accessible when needed. The curtain is good quality and worth the money spent. You will not regret this purchase! @ Ruby

5. If you sometimes worry about the candle falling into the water while you’re taking a bath, worry no more! This 24-piece set is waterproof!

  • As soon as they touch water, they turn on and go out when you take them out.
  • They are powered by the batteries that are included in the kit.
  • They are completely safe because they are flameless (although they look like real ones).

Promising review:

I love these candles. I used them to surprise my partner. They work when in contact with water. I filled the tub and put in rose petals as well. I put them in at 3 p.m., and they were still there at 12 p.m. the next day. I do recommend this. Before immersing the candles in water, make sure they are properly screwed. @ Marlene

6. Can you imagine there is a whole door there with a lot of free space. To make it useful, hang this 3-tiered towel holder!

  • Has a coating that helps prevent corrosion, tarnishing, or discoloration.
  • It fits almost every door.
  • It weighs only 2.08 pounds.

Promising review:

I bought this one because it looked like the crossbars were solid instead of collapsible. Yep, solid as a rock. I like how they are cantilevered, so towels are separated and should dry faster. Perfect for our little camper! @ KC

7. If you, too, are annoyed by how colorful and unattractive jars of bath products look, then you’ll love these reusable bottles! They will fill your room with style.

  • The set includes 3 bottles with labels.
  • The labels are water-resistant.
  • A funnel is also included to make it easier for you to pour liquids.

Promising review:

10/10, this is worth it! It looks just like the ones at a hotel or a spa resort. It totally upgraded the space.
The glue is easy. With scissors, I cut it open and squirted glue onto the backs of the holders.
So far, it has performed admirably. I only let it dry for 2 hours (I was way too excited) and it holds up well. We have a lot of condensation in our showers, and I was thoroughly impressed that it held given the extreme moisture from the hot shower. @ Nicolette Oviedo

8. Regular bathmats collect too much dirt and moisture. Let’s step it up a level and get this bamboo substitute!

  • It has non-slip bubbles on the bottom.
  • The mat is so strong that its load capacity has been tested with the front wheels of a 2-ton car.
  • It is available in different sizes to fit your bathroom.

Promising review:

Great buy! It’s non-slip, stays dry for even longer, and you won’t need to hang it up to dry. It’s a welcome change from our usual sopping wet cloth bathmats, and it’s also very attractive. I definitely recommend it :) @ Bernice

9. Now you have a nice-looking and convenient spot to store toilet rolls! Just stack them in this classy organizer.

  • It will not take up much space and will store 3 rolls.
  • It is made of durable plastic.
  • It is also available in different colors.

Promising review:

Loo roll in hand all the time—no more awkward moments sitting on the loo and realizing there’s no more loo roll left. This lovely holder sorts all that out in one easy step. And in such a fashionable manner. What more could I ask for? @ David G.

10. Another space-saver is this hanging holder for your essentials while you’re taking a shower.

  • The bottom of each shelf has a drain which will not allow the storage of moisture.
  • Holds up to 3.5 kg.
  • No complicated installation — just hang it up and use.

Promising review:

This is exactly what I have been looking for. Really sturdy, holds all my shampoo and shower gel bottles (even 1 liter), and looks stylish too. I am so sick of rusty metal shower caddies, and this is the solution I have been looking for. Not flimsy and weak like most plastic alternatives. Highly recommend! @ GREEN

11. There is no more useful item for the home than nice baskets. They are suitable for any bathroom as well. Just store whatever you want in them, and it will look organized.

  • You will get 4 baskets in different sizes.
  • They are available in other colors as well.
  • The baskets are very sturdy and light enough to move freely.

Promising review:

Just what I needed. I am very happy with them, they are good quality, a neutral gray color, and look stylish — they are perfect for keeping things tidy and reducing clutter, and best of all, they are not plastic, so environmentally friendly. Nice and sturdy, well made, and fully lined. Love them. @ Mrs M Watson

12. Your bath time will no longer be the same. This pillow is made to support not only your head but also your back and neck in relaxation.

  • It has strong suction cups on the back side.
  • It also has a built-in hook so you can hang it up to dry.
  • A washcloth comes as a gift.

Promising review:

I absolutely love this bath pillow. It’s the most comfortable one I’ve ever had. My whole family absolutely loves it, and it’s made baths way better.
Worth the money, simple to use, and dries quickly. Brilliant! I’d buy it again and have been recommending it to everyone who will listen to me about it! @ Heather

13. This towel warmer is a great finish to every bath. Just imagine the pleasure of enveloping yourself in a warm towel after a shower on a cold winter day.

  • Its size is compact, but it will fit large towels as well as bathrobes, pajamas, socks, and more.
  • It has 4 timer settings and an automatic shutoff.
  • It is also available in other sizes.

Promising review:

My wife has used it daily since she got it as a present. Let’s just say, “Happy wife = happy life.” Just plug it in and turn it on, and in 15 minutes, you will have a warm towel.
The product works just as they said it would. For the price and ease, if you want a warm towel, this will do the trick without having to drill holes in your bathroom wall, and you can take it camping. @ D. Ambrisco

14. Finally, you can keep all your hair styling stuff in one place. You can even put hot tools, like straighteners, in this holder when they’re still hot.

  • Easy to install by hanging on cabinet doors for instant storage.
  • Made of sturdy rust-resistant steel wire.
  • Also available in other colors.

Promising review:

This is a great storage solution for your hairdryer and hair straighteners. There is enough room for a large hairdryer, hair straighteners, a brush, and several hair products, all neatly stored in one place. It’s one of those things you wonder how you ever got by without.
Good quality finish and would fit on most standard cupboard doors. I’ve been looking for years to find the best way to store all this kind of stuff and finally found it. @ Karen

Approximately how many minutes or hours do you spend in the bathroom during the day? What procedures take up most of your time?

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