10 Things Your Eye Color Can Say About You

3 years ago

Approximately 79% of people in our world have brown eyes, 8%-10% of the population have blue eyes, 5% have hazel eyes, and just 2% of people have green eyes. And in addition to these statistics, researchers have also tried to find personality traits specific to each eye color and have discovered some common patterns.

We at Bright Side decided to find out what traits people have depending on their eye color and would like to share what we’ve learned with you. There’s a bonus feature about the “most attractive” eye color at the end of the article.

1. Women with light-colored eyes tolerate pain better than women with dark eyes.

One study showed that women with green or blue eyes can handle pain and stress better than women with brown and hazel eyes. During pregnancy and labor, the first group with light-colored eyes seemed to have less pain.

Additionally, they experienced less anxiety and depression after birth. The group with dark eyes had more negative thoughts.

2. People with brown eyes are considered trustworthy.

There was a survey that questioned 1,016 women from age 16 to 35. The results showed that women often associate eye color with specific features. Researchers found that people with brown eyes were considered as intelligent and kind. Moreover, people tend to trust them more.

3. People with blue eyes are considered sweet and attractive.

The same survey showed that people with light eyes are perceived in different ways. In fact, they’re considered to be more kind and sweet. While darker eyes seemed to go hand in hand with intelligence, blue eyes were described the same way by just 7% of participants. But in contrast, this group of people was considered to be more physically attractive.

4. People with green eyes are considered to be creative and devious.

29% of research participants said they consider green eyes as the most attractive. Moreover, this color portrays creativity and a sort of deviousness. Before now, such eyes were perceived as evil in some regions. But this could’ve been because they were very rare.

5. Men with light brown eyes have more psychiatric problems than women with the same eyes.

One very curious finding came out of studying people with light-brown eyes. They were perceived to have more psychiatric issues than people with dark brown or black eyes.

Also, men in this group were considered to be less stable (68.47%) than women.

6. Women with black eyes can be less social and confident.

The survey found that 65.38% of women with black eyes were not very social at all. Also, they may have less self-confidence and ambition in comparison to men with the same eyes. Male participants were said to have a more dynamic character. They can be hot-tempered, impulsive, and often seek dangerous adventures.

7. Blue-eyed people may enjoy trying new things more.

One more survey showed that people with blue eyes were considered to be expressive, affectionate, and confident. They also enjoy trying new things, making new friends, going on adventures, and engaging in healthy activities.

8. People with hazel eyes perform well under pressure.

50.7% of people with hazel eyes performed well under stress and pressure. They were also more passionate about their jobs. Both hazel and green eyes were considered to be the most attractive in men for women despite the stereotype about blue eyes.

9. People with green eyes are more optimistic about their future.

Green eyes dominated in categories like setting goals, being optimistic about the future, and being passionate about their jobs — the same as people with hazel eyes.

Also, such people set life goals more frequently (65.9%) and donate to causes they find important (48%).

10. People with brown eyes prefer to live life to the fullest.

36.5% of people with brown eyes were likely to do one thing: live life to the fullest, here and now. This group of people maintained eye contact more easily (after people with green eyes), which could be useful in the workplace.

Bonus: eye color attractiveness scores according to the survey

According to the survey, the highest score for attractiveness went to those with grey eyes, but still, there are differences between the genders.

The most attractive eye color for men in women was grey — blue came in second.

The most attractive eye colors for women in men were green and hazel.

What eye color do you have? What color would you like to have?

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I am a blondie with brown eyes and my friends always tell me that the feel welcome around me :) It's the whole attitude I guess by I find brown eyes much more warm anyway :)))


I have green eyes and 1. yes, I'm creative, super creative! I love arts and crafts! And 2. Of course I am optimistic!! That's one of the reasons why I love being a yoga instructor :D


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