10 Trends We All Followed Just 10 Years Ago

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Every day, the world produces millions of gigabytes of data. In 2020, for example, Google conducted 5.7 million searches every minute. The world is changing at breakneck speed, and the things that were trendy yesterday are not en vogue anymore today. We decided to find out which trends from the past can make us cringe and wonder, “Did we really think this was cool?”

Slimming down to get a thigh gap

Internet users pointed out that women were obsessed with the idea of getting a thigh gap just a few years ago. Some women even followed a strict diet to get one. The gap in this area was considered a certain beauty standard.

Nowadays, people are more concerned about their physical and mental health. And in general, the statement that a thigh gap makes legs more attractive is dubious.

Playing Happy Farm

Users used to spend hours playing these games, and the number of “farmers” was somewhere in the millions. Adults and children harvested virtual fruit and vegetables, tended to animals, and ran a household. These games were that successful because they were easy to play. Today, they’ve lost their popularity, the top charts now include strategy games.

Changing the natural shape and thickness of the eyebrows

In the 2000s, pencil-thin eyebrows were at the peak of fashion. A couple of years ago, naturally bushy eyebrows became trendy. Internet users pointed out that these trends change every couple of years, and it’s impossible to follow them all. Unnatural eyebrows, which are either too thin or too thick, aren’t considered cool anymore.

  • Growing up, I was made fun of for my big, bushy brows. Then seemingly overnight suddenly, I was getting complimented for not having “thin, overplucked brows.” I actually thought I was being mocked, that’s how sudden it was. It taught me a valuable lesson about trends and being “fashionable.” It’s all made up, do what makes you feel happy. © Bomdiz / Reddit

Installing black granite countertops

In the 2000s, granite was the most popular material used for countertops. The trend was started by designers and gradually conquered the entire world. When people renovated their kitchen, they would install this fashionable but not really practical countertop.

According to specialists, people prefer more modern solutions over granite nowadays.

Posting on social media about every move you make

Just a few years ago, we thought that it’s always a good idea to create an online post about everything you see or do. For example, users often shared photos of meals they were having. Even now, some people continue to post endless photos in their newsfeeds.

But specialists recommend planning your posts in advance. If you post too frequently, your followers may get tired of you.

Getting funny tattoos

At some point, getting a small funny tattoo was a very popular trend. A mustache tattooed on the side of your finger was everyone’s favorite. Nowadays, this trend is a thing of the past. In 2022, lightning tattoos, holographic tattoos, and fine art and pop culture mashups are at the peak of fashion.

Removing freckles

Just a few years ago, children would be bullied for their freckles. But recently, freckles have become a fashion trend. Women draw them on their faces with the help of brushes or special sprays. Even special beauty products that help create freckles have appeared in stores.

  • I was hideously teased for having freckles in secondary school. Now kids are drawing them on and my nieces are obsessed with mine. © Pretty-Risk-7667 / Reddit
  • I wish it was a trend when I was a shy, impressionable 11-year-old. I remember one of my teachers saying, “It’s okay, I used to have freckles too! They’ll fade away when you get older.” © Affectionate_Star_43 / Reddit

Wearing smoky eye makeup every day

Nils Jorgensen / i-Images / East News, © Anastasia Tooming / Pexels

In the 2010s, almost all celebrities chose to wear smoky eye makeup. Kim Kardashian was one of those who made this trend so popular. Ordinary women picked it up and started wearing it during any occasion, whether it was a party or just a regular stroll.

Nowadays, smoky eyes are not an option for every day. Softer variations of this makeup have become more popular. In addition, metallic eyeshadows, blushes, and tanners are trendy now. Another popular trend is the no-makeup makeup look.

Throwing away vintage things

In the past, we tried to get rid of old things as soon as possible. Our grandma’s treasures were sent directly to the dump. Nowadays, more and more people are trying to upcycle or renovate vintage things — they decorate their houses with vintage furniture or wear old eyeglasses.

The things our grandmothers owned are coming back in style, for example, rattan tables and chairs and brass tableware.

Taking a duck face selfie

Selfies with a duck face were at the peak of their popularity about 10 years ago. For some reason, it was believed that the face looks more attractive this way. Later, the duck face began to be criticized in movies. And today, posting photos with a pouty face is not trendy anymore.

Which trends did you follow in the past? Tell us in the comments below.


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