10 Tricks That Help Elegant Kate Middleton Shine Brighter Than Hollywood Stars

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2 years ago

Kate Middleton is a real style icon, and many women want to dress like her. Being royalty, the Duchess has to adhere to a strict dress code, but her outfits still become the topic of discussions in social media.

At Bright Side, we analyzed Kate’s fashion tricks and found how she manages to look stylish without breaking royal protocol.

Catherine has her clothes fitted.

Kate Middleton’s style is about perfectly fitting outfits. The Duchess has almost all of her clothes fitted. This allows her to always look chic.

Kate is known to be thrifty and often alters her old clothes. So, in 2018, she wore a blue coat during her pregnancy. We saw the altered version of it on the Duchess 2 years later.

She chose a few hairstyles and alternates them.

From year to year, Kate’s hairstyle hasn’t changed much — brown hair of the below the shoulder-length. She is not fond of fashionable coloring, doesn’t grow her hair longer and doesn’t get short haircuts.

Her main hairstyles are a low bun, ponytail, half-up and loose and wavy. Kate simply selects a hairstyle that is suitable for a particular situation: a formal reception, a walk or a red carpet event.

She likes subtle prints and patterns.

Kate prefers subtle patterns (usually classic polka dots) or different floral prints.

Kate managed to style even leopard print in the most sophisticated and subtle way.

She knows how to wear a belt.

belt can help you look more elegant and sophisticated — you can emphasize your waist with it or make your legs visually longer. And the Duchess of Cambridge surely knows about this and regularly complements her outfits with this accessory.

The length of her skirts depends on the situation.

For formal events, Kate usually chooses plain classic dresses that are knee-length or slightly lower, without flashy prints. At social events, the Duchess appears, as a rule, in floor-length dresses. She can also complement her dress with lace, ruffles, or sequins.

Catherine has almost stopped wearing skirts above the knee and mini skirts. Perhaps this is due to the fact that this style doesn’t correspond to the royal dress code and doesn’t make her look more elegant.

She complements her outfits with a collar.

Sometimes Kate adds interesting details to her simple, classic outfits. And one of her favorite tricks is a collar.

To present her third child to the world, Kate wore a red dress with a lace Peter Pan collar.

She prefers natural makeup.

Kate’s regular makeup is about accentuated eyebrows, brown eye shadow, a little eyeliner, natural colored lipstick and blush. She can wear a smokey eye from time to time.

Once, Kate was seen with false eyelashes. However, they also looked so natural that it was even difficult to distinguish them from the real ones from a distance.

Makeup artists explain that this effect can be created by using eyelashes with the thinnest band, which will add only a little bit of volume to your eyelashes.

She knows a thing about cuts and seams.

Kate knows how to emphasize the curves of her figure with strategic cuts and seams. With the help of these elements, you can add structure to the shape of your body.

She likes to wear striped shirts in everyday life.

striped shirt has become the Duchess’s trademark. When Kate needs a simple casual outfit, she opts for a striped top. Such blouses or T-shirts are part of a basic wardrobe, they can be paired with any bottom and always look good.

She sends messages to the world with the help of brooches.

Royal protocol and Kate’s own reserved style don’t let her go overboard. Instead, the Duchess expresses her opinion through small details in clothing or jewelry, in particular brooches.

For example, a brooch in the shape of an oak branch is an important symbol of the Middleton family. And during visits to Canada, Kate often wears a brooch in the shape of a maple leaf, which is the symbol of the country.

Do you like Kate Middleton’s style, or do you think it’s too strict for you? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit CHRIS JACKSON / AFP / East News


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