11 Effective Hacks That Every Tired Parent Can Appreciate

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3 years ago

People usually say that laziness is the engine of progress. But if you want to see really inventive people, take a look at the parents of children. They seem to know 1,001 ways to save time and calm nerves. They can describe how to heat water in an inflatable pool in seconds and what to do so that the baby’s portable potty doesn’t have to get washed during a trip.

We at Bright Side have collected numerous simple ideas for parents that will make your life a little easier and better all around.

1. Put trash bags on the bottom of the pool to make the water heat up faster.

2. Buy spread-head toothpaste caps and your children will love to brush their teeth.

3. Travel life hack: put the diaper inside the pot to clean it easily.

4. Tape over the speakers on your kids’ toys to lower the volume.

5. “Feed the turkey” with your children. It can be fun!

6. Now you know how to quickly and easily build a snow fortress in winter.

7. Put your socks in a mesh bag so that none of them get lost in the “black hole” of the washing machine.

8. Your children probably draw on the walls with crayons. Rub a little baking soda directly on the mark to get it off.

9. A frozen sponge in a ziplock bag is a good way to keep their lunches fresh.

10. Put your baby’s bath toys in small baskets to make them more comfortable while playing.

11. No need to throw away an old bed — it can become a place for creativity!

What kinds of life hacks do you use as a parent? Are there any that you’ve invented yourself?

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