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Whether it’s for an important event, like a wedding, or for everyday wear, it’s important to feel comfortable with your body image. Depending on your style, makeup will be part of your look to a greater or lesser extent, and learning how to apply it is not something that can be done in 15 minutes. Luckily, there are professionals who don’t hold back when it comes to their knowledge or opinion, and when people ask for advice on what to apply and how to do it, they share their wisdom without expecting anything in return.

Bright Side found a number of people who asked specialists for help and thought these tips might be helpful to others as well.

1. “Can I pull off this red lip? Wanted a natural look with something, but now I’m not sure.”

  • I don’t know if I would call this red against your skin tone, more of a really hot pink. I think you look fantastic in it, though! You definitely pull it off. If you want a slightly more natural look I would go for a darker red instead of this vibrant pink. © violetv****69 / Reddit
  • I think you would look nicer with a less pink-toned red. It doesn’t look bad but the one you’re wearing is very cool toned and I think warm might be a bit more flattering. © FancyCat777 / Reddit
  • Yes! Absolutely. You look amazing. Your color reads a little pink in this lighting, which feels very summery. When you’re ready to take your look into the fall, try swapping out for a brick-colored red. It will be very chic. © itsberthababy / Reddit

2. “Starting to practice my wedding look myself after all the helpful advice I got!”

  • This looks really nice!! As a makeup artist in training, I want to give you a few tips in terms of photography:
  1. Make sure you fill in the spaces in between your lashes with a black pencil. Flash photography will reflect anything that is white. Otherwise, your liner may look a bit uneven.
  2. If your t-zone gets oily, flash photography will have no mercy and you will look shiny in pictures. Make sure to blot with powder.
  3. A flash will reflect the pigment of your foundation. If you put the same color depth of foundation all over your face, the flash will make your face look a bit flat. You can use a little bit of bronzer around the edges of your face to create the illusion of depth.
  4. If you want to check your makeup before your big day, make sure to take pictures with a flash just with your phone camera. You will immediately see how your makeup will look in photos! © secretbirb / Reddit
  • Beautiful. The only thing I would add is realistic fake eyelashes. © Scarlaymama0721 / Reddit
  • Try a light shadow and a bit more on the blush. It may seem like a lot of makeup in real life but the lights may wash out your color and your photos may end up looking drab if you have too little makeup on. © MsJenX / Reddit

3. “I’m doing my own wedding makeup, and I’m wondering if I need to get a different shade of foundation. Thoughts?”

  • Yes, change foundation, go more neutral or cool, also I love your makeup. It’s beautiful, please tell me how you did that smoked-out liner. © mahb*ob2 / Reddit
  • It looks amazing! Such a good look for you. The foundation does seem like it’s a bit too yellow. © Littorella / Reddit
  • Keep in mind things will photograph differently as well and will look different from real life. Add more color like blush to the face because photos can tend to wash skin out and I would really do some nice false individual lashes, as well as balanced highlighting/contour to show some good symmetry and photograph nicely too! For your liner, I would angle the wing a bit more up to really lift the eye and bring balance to your deeper set corners that are super pretty. I think the eyes are pretty but a bit too simple for your wedding (in my opinion as a pro). Try adding a darker shade in the crease like a warm brown and then winging/angling the shadow toward the tail of your brow to make your eyes pop. Go in with a nice pop of inner corner highlight and I think it will make a huge difference. © Lafemmequeer / Reddit

4. “I think I’ve nailed my brow color. Thoughts?”

5. “Wedding makeup trial — taking any and all product recommendations so I can improve on this look myself!”

  • I love the simplicity! I would definitely warm up the face a bit more with blush or bronzer — it’ll give you more depth. I’d also put a bit of a warm neutral shade (I use bronzer) in the crease of your eye just to add a little warmth without ‘doing’ your eye makeup. I’m not sure if you want to go without false lashes but there are a few great ‘half lash’ options that give a bit more volume without weighing your lid down or making it look super unrealistic. I’m so jealous of your skin texture, it looks so flawless! I love the choice of lip color for you, even if it wasn’t the texture you were going for. © kmbbt / Reddit
  • I think with your eye shape, the liner should be thinner, more precise, and have a bit longer wing on the outside. This is also what most of the inspo photos feature as well. You chose such a cool look, you’re going to look amazing.© saturnthesixth / Reddit
  • Beautiful! I would add some dimension with blush, bronzer, and some glowy/dewy highlights. I would do a muted warm mauve for the blush, or a color that compliments the lipstick shade. © todayisgonnabeadoozy / Reddit

6. “How do I make blush and bronzer stand out more?”

  • First, you look so cute! Idk necessarily that it’s not showing up, as I think it looks lovely but if it’s not quite the look you’re going for these might help:
  1. Layer! Use a cream-based product with a powder product on top, for both more color and staying power.
  2. Use a primer — some products work better with a stickier base, and it should help it stay for longer too.
  3. Look for more pigmented products or stains, especially for blush. I have some super light bronzers and blushers and some that make you look like a clown with even the lightest touch, so a bit of experimentation in store might help you find stuff you like more.
  4. Look at the tools you’re using — sponges and duo-fiber brushes tend to provide a lighter application, whereas packed fiber or denser brushes deposit more product to give a stronger look.
  5. Use lighter powders or base products, like a lighter concealer, to create highlights against the areas of color that make them “pop” more. You can look into loose powders and baking-type techniques to make the bronzer or blush stand out more. © furrygloss / Reddit

7. “I have a nice amount of lipsticks, but have no idea which ones suit my undertone the most.”

  • The first 2 lipsticks on the second row look like they would be the most flattering. You look cool-toned to me. Muted blue-based pinks, cool pink nude or mauve nude, mauve, blue-based reds, raspberry, dusty rose, berry, and plum tones would look great. You may find that the warm peachy nudes may wash you out. © xIneedCoffeex / Reddit
  • I have cool-toned skin and lipsticks that are peachy or anywhere near a warm/neutral brown or nude look horrible. Just based on this hand swatch, I’d say the 2 pinks on the left are nice, along with the thinner red swatch (it looks more blue-toned than the red one on the right). The best test will be trying them on your lips, though. © nurseleu / Reddit
  • I think we have identical skin. I like the dusty rose color to the right of the brightest pink. I think cool undertones are tricky on really pale skin because it may just be the fact that blue veins are more visible, throwing people off. I was told I had cool undertones for a long time, but I prefer wearing warmer tones, so you might try them out and see what you prefer. © overduebook / Reddit

8. “Getting a little tired of my everyday makeup, any ideas for what to change? The first pic is without makeup, for reference.”

  1. Change your lip color, I’m pretty sure a bold cool red would really suit you!
  2. Change your eyeliner shape, experiment with longer wings, shorter wings, upturned, downturned, other colors like a nice purple/brown/green/all the colors of the rainbow.
  3. Eye shadow color/shape, like a stronger crease, different color family (blues are not just for blue eyes!), a smokey eye, you get the idea. Hope this helps! © Appleflapss / Reddit
  • You’re so pretty before and after! I agree a new, bolder lip color would definitely switch things up! Maybe add something to your cheeks, as well, if you’re looking for a change, like just a touch more blush? © JuicySegment / Reddit

9. “First real-life date in a while. Would love feedback and advice!”

  • You look like Angelina Jolie! You could be sisters!! I love the makeup, and if you’re comfortable with it then that’s all it matters. All I would say is your eyes come off pretty dramatic so maybe a nude beige lip would look better? Dunno if the color fits you (referring to the beige). Also, maybe it’s just the picture but the makeup seems pretty cool doesn’t it? Not sure, maybe a warmer shade would look better? But then it could just be the camera light being off. © Reviana / Reddit
  • I’d probably do eyes OR lips — in this case, a more natural kissable lip would be my preference! The pink lipstick looks a bit thick to me © QuadsNotBlades / Reddit
  • Your eyeshadow is seriously the stuff of dreams. My small suggestions:
  1. A little mattifying powder on your forehead. Dates make for nerves, which means sweating. Nip that shininess in the bud.
  2. Your eyeshadow is cool-toned (lovely, suits you perfectly), and your lip color is a bit peachy/warm-toned. I recommend a slightly cooler and less intense lip color.
  3. Play up the blush, play down the lip. I like a cream blush for that glowing-from-within look.
  4. You didn’t ask about hair, but a seemingly effortless updo (e.g. messy bun, twist with a few tendrils) would draw attention to your slender neck and set this look off beautifully.
  5. If this person is worthy of a second date, go for a berry-stained lip, minimal eye (single pearly shadow with dark brown liner and mascara), and dewy cheeks with hair down and wavy. Very romantic, very Renaissance. © oatmeal_pie / Reddit

Bonus: Before and after pictures of makeup from Reddit users

1. “Been practicing makeup for a month or so.”

2. “I did my mom’s makeup for her 70th birthday.”

3. “Took some tips from Reddit and made some changes to my makeup.”

If you had to give your best makeup tip, what would it be?

Please note: This article was updated in July 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.


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