11 Laundry Hacks Even the Most Experienced People Will Love

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2 years ago

Some people wash toilets and sinks every day, and others are too lazy to clean the dust off their stuff once a month. One way or another, many people want to know how to keep their homes clean without spending hours doing it.

We at Bright Side decided to learn more about laundry and ironing, so we found and tested some life hacks to make laundry clean and fresh very quickly.

1. Hair curlers help with fur.

Pet owners know very well how hard it is to remove fur from clothes: the hairs pierce through the clothes like needles. There’s a popular life hack — put hair curlers into the washing machine to help you collect a lot of fur.

2. Dishwasher detergent can help you get rid of stains.

If there are some serious stains on your clothes, and you don’t know how to remove them, try dishwasher detergent. They can make clothes look as good as new. But be careful: there’s a risk of ruining the fabric.

3. If you are out of detergent, you can use other things.

There are times when you want to do the laundry but realize that you’re out of detergent, gel, or even capsules. In fact, you can wash clothes with regular soap, shampoo, dishwasher detergent, or soda.

4. Let your bedsheets rest after washing them in order not to iron them.

There are a lot of discussions online about whether we should iron bedsheets or not. Some people think it’s okay to sleep on wrinkled sheets, and others can’t fall asleep on them. There’s a simple solution for when you don’t want to iron the sheets.

Untangle your sheets before putting them into the washing machine, set a low temperature for washing, and remove the sheets from the machine right after washing them.

  • “My grandmother taught me this after she ironed so many sheets that she couldn’t stand looking at them. If you don’t need to use the sheets right now, fold them and put them under the mattress. A few days will give enough pressure to make the sheets look as if they were ironed.”

5. Your microwave oven can help you get rid of the stale smell of laundry.

Sometimes we forget our laundry in the washing machine for several hours or even an entire day. Some unpleasant smells might appear behind the closed door, so you can put the laundry into the microwave for a short time to freshen it up.

6. The corner of your ironing board can help you iron the fitted sheets.

Another popular problem is ironing fitted sheets. They can be really tricky. But there are some tricks: you can iron the sheet right on the bed. Put the sheet on the mattress and go from the center to the edges. You can also fold the sheet 4 times and put the corner over the corner of the board.

7. Clothes can be dried on hangers.

If you live in a small apartment, you probably hang your clothes everywhere: on the doors, chairs, and even couches. You can’t avoid this with sheets and other big pieces, but there’s a lifehack for clothes. You can dry your clothes on hangers and save a lot of space.

8. To save some time, you can put things on top of each other.

Even though some people don’t iron things at all, others still use irons from time to time. And there’s a trick to help you spend less time ironing: put things you need to iron on top of each other. This way, while you’re ironing one sheet, for example, the things under it will get slightly ironed too. It makes it easier to iron every next piece of laundry.

9. Iron clothes with beads from the inside out.

You can use some cloth to iron delicate fabrics. But if you have a blouse with beads on it, it might be quite tricky.

It’s better to iron such clothes on thick towels, pillows, or even mattresses. Turn the clothes inside out before ironing.

10. You need to choose the right mode to prevent the capsules from sticking to the drum.

Sometimes capsules don’t get dissolved in the water and stick to the clothes or the drum. To prevent this from happening, put the capsule on the bottom of the drum where water can easily get to it.

11. You can save your clothes, even if a red sock sneaks in.

It just might happen that a red sock somehow ends up in the middle of white clothes, so all the other items turn a pinkish hue. But this isn’t the end!

You can soak the clothes in a weak bleach solution for 15 minutes, wash them, and then repeat if needed.

What laundry life hacks do you have?


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