11 Long-Awaited Celebrity Comebacks We’ve Been Waiting For

3 years ago

Do you ever wonder what happens to your favorite celebs after they take a break from the lime light? All we're left to do is listen to our favorite songs performed by them, rewatch movies with their faces in them, and hope to see a comeback. Perhaps you don't know this, but many of them have already come back. Check out this compilation to learn where they are and what they're up to!

Here at Bright Side, we've collected news about the long-awaited comebacks of our favorite movie and music stars. Hopefully, they'll stay with us for a long time and not disappear on us again!


In 2009, Fergie married the actor, Josh Duhamel and 4 years later they had a baby boy. The singer decided to completely devote herself to her family and left the stage. Since then, many of us have forgotten the singer that used to perform so many hits. However, in 2016, Fergie decided to restart her career and come back to the stage. This long break only strengthened her love for the stage and she began to further develop her music career. In 2017, Fergie separated with her spouse and left The Black Eyed Peas to completely concentrate on her solo career.

Amy Lee , Evanescence

In 2016, the Grammy-winning American band, Evanescence decided to come back to the stage. The last album the band released was in 2011 which was followed by a world tour. After it finished, the members of the band decided to take a long break and start their own solo projects. Each of them had great changes in their lives and the band's singer, Amy Lee had a baby.

Today, the band is recording the long-awaited 4th album, which will consist of 2 new songs and selected tracks from 3 previous albums. Those tracks will be recorded again with a live orchestra and will have elements of electronic music.


After quite a long break, Pink released her 7th album called Beautiful Trauma in 2017 and came back to the big stage. During her hiatus, the artist had kids and tried to tackle a new genre, folk music! Pink also began to write songs for her new album. Today, Pink's main priority is her family but she intends to combine it with her favorite activity, music. She has been doing it pretty well so far!


Eminem's previous album called The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was released in 2013. After having given several tours, the artist disappeared and had been keeping silent for quite a while. Finally, after a 4-year break, he returned to the stage again in 2017 and as usual, he conveyed a lot about his life through his songs. His new album is called Revival and it includes 19 compositions and plenty of collaborations with artists like Beyoncé, Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys, Skylar Grey and others.

Halle Berry

In the 2000s, Halle Berry was considered a sex-symbol and one of the brightest actresses in Hollywood. Her most significant work was the film, Monster's Ball - she even won an Oscar for it! But gradually the actress started to appear on the screen less and less.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle was the movie that helped her make a great comeback. The movie got many positive reviews from critics. Today, Halle continues to act in films but her career is no longer her priority. She gives most of her attention to raising her kids, does sports activities and leads a healthy lifestyle. Despite her age and the birth of two children, the actress managed to keep her incredible shape and mind-blowing good looks.

Michelle Pfeiffer

One of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses from 80's and 90's became popular after the release of the movie Scarface in 1983. Since then, she has played many other roles but in 2010, she took a break from her career. By that time, her kids had become teenagers and Michelle devoted her life to taking care of them. It was important for her to pay a lot of attention to her kids so she temporarily left the film world.

Now that her kids have grown up, Michelle has returned to her acting career. Her last project was the movie Mother! directed by Darren Aronofsky followed by Murder on the Orient Express directed by Kenneth Branagh.

At the moment, the actress is working on the movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp where she plays the role of Janet van Dyne.

Josh Hartnett

The star of the film, Pearl Harbor, Josh Hartnett started his career with a big splash - he acted in 10 movies from the ages of 19 to 23. His last film was The Black Dahlia followed several failed acting attempts, causing his career to spiral downward. However, several years ago, Hartnett triumphantly returned to the big screen in the Penny Dreadful TV series which is very popular among viewers.

Shannen Doherty

For Shannen Doherty, the star of Charmed and Beverly Hills, 90210, the last few years have been quite difficult. In 2015, the actress was diagnosed with breast cancer, causing her to leave the spotlight and focus solely on her treatment. Despite her exhausting fight with cancer, the actress stayed strong, kept believing in her herself all while actively communicating with her fans. And finally, in 2018, the actress declared that she was cancer free! Now Shannen looks much happier, healthier, and has returned to her favorite job.

Nelly Furtado

Beautiful Nelly Furtado has completely disappeared after marrying Demacio Castellon in 2008. She stopped performing and recording new songs, and completely dedicated herself to family life. Her career took a new turn in 2017 when she returned to the stage again. There were some changes in her personal life as well: she separated from Demacio and is currently raising her son alone. Due to stress, the singer gained weight but her fans don't care. They know that she is ready to create wonderful music and please her fans with her work.

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne, the star of the 2000s era, is headed back to the stage again after a long hiatus. Within the last several years, Avril has overcome many issues both in her personal life and health. In 2014, she was diagnosed with Lyme disease which she got after getting bit by a mite. Nevertheless, Avril has been working hard on her new album which will be released this Fall. A couple years ago she broke up with her partner, the frontman of Nickelback named Chad Kroeger. Despite the separation, they decided to continue their collaboration in music. "It's such a nice feeling to get back to the stage! I feel happy!" said Avril.

The Backstreet Boys

The legendary boy band, The Backstreet Boys turned 25 this April. The band's last performance was way back in 2013. But recently the boy band has released their first video Don't Go Breaking My Heart. Now The Backstreet Boys are getting ready for a big concert tour that will last from July till November. The musicians said that even though they have grown older, their songs will be new. Fans, rejoice!

Which of these comebacks made you feel the happiest? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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