11 Meaningful Details in Our Favorite Movies That We All Missed

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When watching movies, many people miss the details that actually matter to the story. Very often, we watch our favorite movies for the 100th time and we still don’t know why certain things were in the shot, like the gnome in Amélie.

We at Bright Side decided to discover what secrets can be found in popular movies. And at the end of the article, you will find out the unexpected things about Bella Swan that fans of Twilight found.

1. Ram-don noodles (Parasite)

The ram-don noodles are called jjapaguri in South Korea. People with a low income usually eat them.

In the film, Mrs. Park, the owner of the luxurious mansion, asks her housemaid to make these noodles with marbled beef. The mix of simple noodles and the delicacy symbolizes the difference between families with very different incomes.

2. Garden gnome (Amélie)

The gnome the main character had symbolizes the dream of his entire life. When his wife puts the gnome far away, Amélie’s dad also puts away his dreams. He sacrificed them to care for his daughter because he thought she had problems with her heart.

Later, Amelie secretly took the gnome, sent him on a trip, and sent photos of his gnome with different sights to her dad. Only then the father realized that his dream of seeing the world had become a reality.

3. Retro car (The Batman)

In one of the scenes, Bruce Wayne gets out of the vintage Chevrolet, which is really different from other, modern cars. It says a lot about Batman’s personality.

He is different from other people and doesn’t try to adapt. He is always an outcast. All he cares about is justice in Gotham.

4. Necklace (Beauty and the Beast)

Belle’s look in the ball scene reflects the hidden beauty of the Beast’s castle. So, the floral ornament on the yellow dress is the same as the ornament on the ceiling and the floor of the ballroom.

Belle’s jewelry is also unusual and connected with the Beast’s home. Instead of a simple diamond necklace, she wears a necklace that looks like a tree branch on a silk ribbon. This necklace depicts the unusual architecture of the castle and the charm of the surrounding forest. The branch pendant “pays homage to the often winding way toward love.”

5. Photos of the young main character (Titanic)

Throughout the entire film, we see Rose as an elegant lady in beautiful dresses. And when Jack suggests that they ride horses in the future, like a true cowboy: with no saddle and sitting like a man, it all seems wild to Rose.

But in the final scene, we see photos on the bedside table where Rose is completely different. She’s free, thanks to Jack. In one of the photos, she’s fishing, on the other — she’s wearing a pilot uniform. And she’s wearing trousers in all of them.

But the most memorable photo is one of Rose sitting on horseback, just like Jack described. And in the background, there’s the rollercoaster they dreamed of riding together.

6. Orange hoodie (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

The first time the love interest of the main character appears in the film, she’s wearing an orange hoodie, and you can see her in it several times in the film. There’s a reason why.

First, Clementine was wearing this hoodie when she met Joel in real life. And it was hard to delete it from his memory. She didn’t keep the hoodie at Joel’s place, so he didn’t memorize it on purpose. Also, the hoodie is associated with her name — clementines are orange citrus fruits.

Finally, the hoodie is the symbol of their love. In one of the scenes, Joel tells her how curious he was about the hoodie at first, how cool it seemed to him, and how much he hated it later. Their relationship developed the same way: from mutual interest to problems and suffering.

7. Bright yellow car (The Great Gatsby)

A car for Jay Gatsby is not a means of transportation, but a symbol of status and wealth. And the color is yellow for a reason. It symbolizes wealth, more specifically, gold, which is a sign of richness.

8. Clock (The Great Gatsby)

When Jay Gatsby comes to Nick’s house and expects to see Daisy for the first time, he keeps looking at the clock on top of the fireplace and there’s a symbolism to this detail.

According to one of the versions, the clock is connected to Gatsby’s hopes of getting Daisy back. But all of his attempts end up being futile because he later drops and breaks the clock by accident.

Some people see the clock as a symbol of his inability to let time go. He keeps on clinging to the relationship with Daisy and keeps saying that love can be revived. So, when he drops the clock, he carefully puts it back, like it’s something precious, and says he will fix it.

9. Red balloon (It)

The red balloons that make Pennywise even scarier seem to be just a lure for kids. But according to a theory, they might be lights, symbolizing the souls of the children that fell prey to Pennywise.

10. Red and blue things (Tenet)

The motion of time in the film is constantly changing. In order to keep things clear, the creators leave small tips. Red things mean that time is moving forward, and blue things mean it’s vice versa.

For example, there are signs at the doors where Neil and the protagonist see the time turnstiles. The red and blue lamps are there in the room where Sator took his wife hostage and is interrogating the main character.

In the same episode, Kat is wearing red. This means that she is not inverted. Finally, in the final scene, the 2 teams, trying to find the algorithm and save the world in the past and the future can be told apart by blue and red marks on their clothes.

11. The wolf painting (Twilight)

Right at the very beginning of the first film, attentive viewers can see an Easter egg. When Bella goes to her dad’s place and her room, you can see the painting of the wolf near the door. It’s a foreshadowing of the werewolf Jacob in her life.

Bonus: Missing cactus (Twilight)

To remember her hometown of Phoenix, Bella Swan brought a cactus with her. The fans of the films noticed an interesting detail. The cactus was with her on the road. She was holding it when she entered her father’s home. And in the first 3 movies, it was always in her room.

But in the last movie, she became a vampire and moved in with Edward, and the cactus was no longer there. It seems Bella didn’t take it, meaning she’d said goodbye to her old life.

What mysterious things did you notice in movies?


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