12 Bright Side Readers Asked Us to Photoshop Their Pictures, and the Results Are Wild

3 years ago

We’re fully aware of the fact that the modern world changes faster than it ever did in the past: landscapes, technology, and more change rapidly. Strangely enough, this is also a time where everyone continually obsesses with the idea of staying young and never getting old. And we have all the tools to make that happen. Plastic surgery and many other cosmetic treatments make it possible to “change” our physique and look the way we think we should. And then there are modern photo editing programs that make it very easy for everyone to pretend to look like someone else without even having to leave home.

At Bright Side, we’ve already written a couple of articles before on how readers would look if they changed certain facial features (like eye color, hair type, and nose shape) and they were a total success. So we’re bringing this format back so that you can compare the before and after pictures of the readers who volunteered to be digitally altered. Check them all out and let us know what you think.


“I’d like to see how I’d look if I had more freckles and red curly hair just like the protagonist in Brave.


“I’d like to see how I would look if I had a smaller, more upturned nose and bangs, like when I was a child. I’d also like to know how my hair would look in a different color.”


“I’d like to see how I’d look like if I had more abundant hair with a lot of volume. Also, I’d like to have smaller cheeks and bigger eyes.”


“I’d like to have clear, round eyes, long eyelashes, more defined eyebrows, a thinner and slightly shorter nose, and light brown hair.”


“I’d like to have less pronounced cheeks and a pointy nose. And I’d also like for my hair to have more volume and to be longer.”


“I would like to have much darker skin and a thicker upper lip.”


“I’d like to have a less rounded nose at the bottom and see what I would look like if I had lighter eyes.”


“I’d like to look like Scarlett Johansson.”


“I’d like to see how I’d look if I had a longer face, a straighter and thinner nose, platinum hair, and light-colored eyes.”


“I’d like to know how my hair would look if it was straight, long, and light pink.”


“I’d like to see how I would look if I had larger eyes in a different color and a slightly longer face.”


“I’d like to see how I would look with a smaller nose and larger eyes.”

What do you think? Would you like to see how you’d look if you had different facial features? Then share a picture of yourself down below and let us know what you want us to alter!


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I would love to see how I would look if I had a mohawk 😂


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