12 Fantastic Wedding Dresses Any Woman May Sell Her Soul For

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2 years ago

A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. And of course, there are no weddings without a gorgeous wedding dress! Designers create truly magnificent gowns — just take a look at them.

Bright Side warns you: while choosing a royal wedding dress, get ready to not feel super comfortable in it — the most incredible dresses aren’t about comfort. They’re designed only to make this world more beautiful.


Lebanese couturier Rami Kadi has decided to turn a dress into a fairy tale about different animals and various natural phenomena. This wedding dress can really represent someone’s heritage.


Jacy Kay’s gowns are voluminous. They look heavy and it’s true. Some of them are around 45 lb!


Flamboyant fashion designer Tex Saverio is sure that geometric patterns are all about harmony. Of course, wedding gowns should also be harmonious.


Valdrin Sahiti is an Albanian designer who creates magnificent wedding and evening gowns.


Here’s another gorgeous dress created by Valdrin Sahiti.


This is a dress that resembles the air or the soul by Israeli designer Galia Lahav. Her first teacher was her mother who was a seamstress. She prepared her daughter at the University of the Arts in Israel.


Another dress by Galia Lahav is just full of freedom. The designer’s favorite style is boho or “seductive glamour” as critics call it.


It seems this incredible dress by Krikor Jabotian was created exclusively for Caesar’s bride. If you like this designer’s masterpieces, you have to go to Lebanon to enjoy these dresses in real life.


Another gorgeous gown by Krikor Jabotian. A simple medieval style, but so splendid.


Yolan Cris doesn’t like sleeves, so the brand uses huge collars only.


Joumana Al Hayek (Dar Sara) is good at creating Disney princess looks.


An asymmetric pattern by Oksana Muha looks quite unusual, but we can’t take our eyes off it.

Would you like to get your hands on any of these dresses? How far are you willing to travel to get a one-of-a-kind gown? Tell us in the comments!


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