12 Fashion Items That Are Extremely Uncomfortable in Real Life

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3 years ago

Sometimes, inconvenient and impractical pieces of clothing become trendy. But this approach has existed throughout human history. Just think about tight corsets, bulky wigs, and crinoline dresses. People dutifully follow new fashion trends, sometimes despite their inconvenience and lack of comfort.

At Bright Side, we agree that every coin has 2 sides, so we made up a list of items that look good on the runway but are completely impractical in real life.

1. Silk suit

Silk is very difficult to care for. If the washing, drying, and ironing are done incorrectly, it can quickly lose its look. Besides, a silk suit shows your body due to its shiny texture and glossy sheen, so those with curves should be extremely careful with this fabric.

2. Bike shorts

Some people think this trend is ridiculous, others are crazy about it. But it’s difficult to disagree with the fact that bike shorts only look good on tall and slim girls. Even fashionistas should remember that these shorts visually shorten the legs, accentuate the hips, and are just too tight.

3. Winter jumpsuit

Even the glamorous Paris Hilton and equally stylish Gwen Stefani choose practicality and usability. A one-piece jumpsuit attracts attention and favorably emphasizes the body, but it’s totally uncomfortable in everyday life. Another disadvantage is that you have to wash the whole suit, despite the fact that in most cases the bottom part gets dirty, not the top.

4. Light-colored suede shoes

When buying shoes made of light-colored suede, be prepared to take good care of them. These shoes get dirty much faster than the darker models and require thorough cleaning. After all, even a small stain can instantly ruin your entire image.

5. A see-through bag

It looks impressive and unique, but it can play a cruel joke with you. The bag can draw the attention of thieves and robbers, or onlookers will see something inside that they shouldn’t have to see. The contents of a woman’s purse should remain a mystery.

6. A pajama suit

This unusual trend still won’t go away, it just changes its shape, fabric, and color. The models in “pajamas” consistently appear on runways, looking like dreamers who have just woken up.

7. Nightgown dress

The dress, that is loved by many fashionistas, easily wrinkles, and even little spots are clearly visible on it. Besides, it will be really hard to choose the right underwear because the thin flowy fabric clings to the body.

8. Plastic shoes

The silicone used in these shoes is 100% airtight making your feet become damp. Also, if you still decide to buy these shoes, you have to always make sure your pedicures are done regularly. The calluses and bruises that you’ll get from wearing these shoes won’t look good on you either.

9. A cape

Due to the loose cut, a cape hides the body’s imperfections making it look good on women with curves. At the same time, this coat makes the body of thin women look shapeless. Not a good idea, right? Judging by the photo, a cape doesn’t really help against the cold weather either.

10. A suit with shorts

Knee-length shorts can visually shorten the legs. So, they are not a good idea for short girls. And in general, this suit is not the most practical item — you’ll feel hot in it in the summer, and cold in the winter. This kind of suit can also be inappropriate for work.

11. Open-toed high boots

Stylish open-toed high boots look beautiful only at a fashion show. In real life, these shoes can cause a lot of trouble and discomfort to their wearer. We sincerely wonder how to wear them in cold weather, and with a fur coat?!

12. A swimsuit with a lot of ties

One-piece swimsuits with a lot of ties are popular on runways as much as regular bikinis. However, they are more suitable for beach parties, pool parties, or photoshoots. At the same time, during a long-awaited vacation, you want to get an even and beautiful tan, not striped skin.

Do you have a stylish but completely impractical item in your wardrobe? Tell us in the comments below.

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A cape seems like a good idea tho, the capes these women are wearing aren't really thick so ofc they aren't warm or helping with the weather


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