12 Hidden Treasures on Amazon That You’ll Probably Want to Own Before 2022 Ends

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The top 3 New Year’s resolutions for 2022 were to live a healthy lifestyle (23%), personal improvement and happiness (21%), and to lose weight (20%).

You probably also had some goals, but don’t worry if you haven’t completed them. We’ve come up with a list that will also help make your life better and happier.

1. This exfoliating egg soap smells great, freshens up the skin, and gives you spa vibes!

This egg-shaped soap could help you rid yourself of your tiredness and anxiety. And it’s so easy to hold in your hand, you can’t help but get a truly magical result.

  • A true pampering experience. We had a spa day for our anniversary and ordered the rose exfoliating body scrub. We both have sensitive skin and purchased the bar because of all the natural ingredients. We absolutely loved it. The fragrance is amazing, and the foam was really rich. I loved how only one side was abrasive and was comfortable to hold without scratching my palms. We both noticed how smooth and soft our skin felt after using it. My husband uses the scrub all the time, and we now have it on subscription. Thank you for an amazing product. @Rock Puppy
  • My favorite soap! I really love this soap. It smells gorgeous, and it creates such a nice lather. I’ve been using it for a week, and my skin feels great. The best thing for me is that it’s eco-friendly and so affordable. I used to spend a fortune on exfoliating face wash, but this is the best I’ve found so far, and there is no waste. And it lasts much longer. My new favorite soap! @Amazon Customer

2. This bright diffuser will freshen up your air, your view, and even the lighting in the room.

Interesting fact: diffused oil can have several relaxation and health-related benefits, including safe scent dispersion, mosquito defense, stress relief, and more.
You can choose an oil based on your intentions, add a couple of drops, and give yourself a sweet treatment!
This humidifier already comes with a citrus option, so you can try it right away.

  • Love it! I bought it for my desk to brighten and ease winter work days. Lovely!! However, it somehow migrated to my kid’s room and is now a sleep-light and perfect for snotty nose infusions and sleeping essential oil use. Tempted to buy another 3 😂. @Fiona Jensen
  • Gorgeous minimalist look. Chemical-free air freshener. A lot of the pictures of this diffuser are lit up at night, and not many give a true reflection of how it looks during the day.
    It’s incredible and white. It looks fantastic on my Kallax shelf and fits in with the gray-and-white monochrome look I have going on.
    I had purchased this to replace one that had broken through, no fault of its own (I unplugged it and left it in the direct route of a puppy).🙈🙈🙈
    So the cable got gnawed on.
    I like this one better than the original, it’s so beautiful.
    It takes just 100 mL of water and 3 drops of essential oil. It can run for literally hours on that, producing a really beautiful aroma.
    I prefer these to air fresheners for several reasons. My sons are asthmatic, so we try not to use heavy sprays and chemicals around the house. We both have mild eczema and are sensitive to chemicals.
    We tend to clean with a steam cleaner, so it makes sense to fragrance with water and pure essential oils.
    A bottle of essential oil can easily last me a month, making it a better value, in my opinion, than any toxic, chemical-filled air freshener. @Princess

3. A compact cordless water flosser can help you clean between your teeth quicker, easier, and more effectively than floss!

The need for dental care has been proven many times, especially flossing. It’s always handy to have something to freshen your breath and not look too weird in public. Having a portable irrigator like this solves all of these problems.

  • Effective cleaning. I bought this for the coffee stains and build-ups I had on my teeth and for oral hygiene and gums. It’s very effective and cleans well. After using this for the first time I am happy with the results. I will be using this once a month to keep on top of the results. A little water does splatter, but it’s perfectly fine. I do recommend this product as it gave me great results for a low price. @Mohammed kawsar Musharaf
  • Fantastic dental cleaning kit! This is super once you learn how to use it! At first, I was like a baby dribbling water everywhere!
    I also use warm water as my teeth are too sensitive.
    You select which setting you need, then turn it on, and the water pumps up, and off you go! Just make sure it’s in your mouth first, or you spray water everywhere...
    I’ve found this better than normal flossing as I have a lot of dental work, and the floss can snag on fillings, and I get worried I’ll loosen them. No fear with this:) And it actually feels like the gaps between my teeth are cleaner.
    You can choose the different settings. I started with the gentler ones but just have it on the highest now that I’m used to it. It is powerful and effective!
    The battery life is fab! I’m still on the first charge, and the magnetic charger easily fits on the top.
    For me, this is fantastic and far better than normal flossing:) @Kimonomon

4. Save on your daily laundry and extend the life of your washing machine with these balls.

The average family does about 300 loads of laundry a year. It’s difficult to imagine how much detergent and softener are used each year. It is good that now there are things like this that can reduce the consumption of daily laundry.

  • Fresh cotton smell! Good-quality items. They do tend to become squishy after a few weeks, but they’re still going strong, and the washing has that wonderful clean smell! I buy a couple of cheaper balls to use together to get maximum cleanliness. You must not use detergent with them, and most importantly, you have to wash your clothes for a couple of weeks with the Eco balls and without the detergent in order to completely rid the clothing of the chemicals in the fibers. Before you notice the clothing’s fresh, clean cotton scent, the dull smell you get for the first few washes is the gunky chemical build-up. The more you use chemicals, the more they build up in the fibers of your clothes.
    If you don’t do this, you’ll never reap the benefits, and using eco balls is pointless.
    Other recommendations include washing clothes with body odor after each wear (B.O. remains in clothing fibers) and washing on at least 40 degrees on a short cycle.
    Also, be sure that you do not let the wash sit in the machine for too long — otherwise, bacteria begin to build up (unmasked by chemical fragrances). @Tracey
  • A really good, money-saving, and effective cleaning product. This is a brilliant product that saves money on washing liquid or powder, does a really good job of cleaning at up to 60 degrees, and can be used time and time again. I was a little skeptical before we bought them, having heard various reports on this type of product, but have been really pleased with them now that we have had them for a few weeks. @Guy A

5. Meet hand warmers with a power bank and 3 temperature settings to keep you warm for a long time.

Winter is a great time for walks, skating, or other snow activities with the whole family. Hand warmers will help to create comfort and warmth in any kind of cold weather. You can also use this power bank to recharge your phone. The hand warmers can be combined into a single, double-sided heating unit that will keep your hands warm for 4-8 hours.

  • Does what it says. What a nifty little gadget. It really does work wonders in keeping your hands, tummy, or back warm. For my tummy or back, I just slip them into the waistband of my trousers. Could do with 2 bags for when you separate it into 2 pieces. I showed them (heated) to a friend, and she promptly bought a set for herself. @GL
  • Brilliant idea for the winter (or for cold-blooded people like me 😂). I bought these as a gift for my boyfriend, who insists on coming up to the stables with me to see my horse even in the worst winter weather, but really suffers from the cold when standing around while I get said steed ready for a jaunt.
    I looked at a variety of reusable hand warmers, ranging from the older style that you have to microwave to warm up to USB-rechargeable ones. What caught my eye about this particular product is that it is a 2-in-1 design, so you can lock them together or have them separately (i.e., one for each hand). The other USB ones I had seen were single units, but the same size as the 2 halves of this clipped together, and thus very bulky.
    So, I put this one in my basket, clicked the “take my money” button, and the next day they were at my door, ready to surprise my partner.
    He loves this gadget and has said how much of a lifesaver (or should that be a hand saver?) this has been over the cold months. The units charge quickly, have good battery life, and warm up super-fast. Because they are lightweight, he also takes them out walking, as they are handy to have if we get caught out.
    I have tried them as well, as I am a cold person, and also found them to be really good, whether to heat up frozen fingers, as foot warmers, to plonk on my belly to help with those annoying pains at that time of the month, or to pre-heat anything from socks and shoes to a pillow or bed!
    Such a versatile little gadget and thoroughly recommended — do yourself a favor and invest in these, as you won’t regret it! @Tara

6. These leggings can help you create different looks and have a wide waistband that offers gentle compression.

If you want to update your look every day without spending too much money, we’ve got you. These leggings fit perfectly, will help you brighten up your figure, and give you absolute comfort with soft and pleasant fabric for the body.

  • My new favorite leggings! I wear leggings for warmth every day under my dress, and I really like for them to be comfortable. Unfortunately, my old favorites have worn out, and when I looked to replace them, the brand had disappeared, sending me to a search through Amazon. I read a lot of reviews before choosing this brand or style.
    My main concerns are fit and comfort. Several reviews mentioned both, along with the buttery soft feel of the material. From experience, the price seemed too good to be true, but I ordered the XL dark-colored set and hoped not to be disappointed.
    I’m happy to report that the fit was true to size. The waistband is very comfortable, with a thin piece of elastic at the top edge that doesn’t bind or roll at all, and my ankles are fully covered. I’m 5’8″ and not exactly built like someone who does yoga, but these leggings fit comfortably over my bumps and bulges without binding. The color selection is also very nice, coming from someone who used to only have black leggings. The hot pink pair put a smile on my darling’s face.
    I’m very pleased with my purchase, and I will consider buying more of these in the future! @SueJean
  • Really soft. I’ve been wearing these for several months, and they’re really comfortable. They seem durable compared to other brands. Super soft, and have a little tummy control and contour.
    One of my favorite clothing items! @Kristin

7. This SwitchBot can sense the sunrise and sunset with a light sensor and open the windows for you.

At the end of the day, the main thing you want to do is relax and create an atmosphere of comfort in your home. But it can be so challenging to perform some simple actions like turning off the lights or closing the curtains. This little helper is always there for your comfort. Also, it’s really easy to install, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on that either.

  • Extremely easy to install and set up. Simply clip it to the rail and calibrate it via the app, and you’re ready to go.
    The item feels very strong and well-made, and a lot of thought has gone into the phone app.
    I have my desk setup up against the window, which makes it a challenge to open my curtains. This device makes it easy to get natural light into the living room.
    It can link to Alexa and be used in routines (with a SwitchBot hub). For example, if I say, “Alexa, make it movie night,” the lights will turn off, the TV will turn on, and the curtains will automatically shut.
    You can also open and close the curtain via the app. Set a schedule to open and close the curtains at specific times, or set it to open and close at sunrise and sunset—without a SwitchBot hub.
    The battery life is also really good. I’ve had it running for about a month, and the battery is still at 85% (running at least twice a day).
    A really nice addition to anyone’s smart home system.
    I will definitely be buying from SwitchBot again. @Dan
  • Useful as a security device. The SwitchBot itself was very easy to install and set up. The clips that attached to each grommet were a little trickier, but once I’d worked out how they functioned, they were easy too.
    Once they are charged and installed, calibrating is easy. Then I just chose to set them to a schedule: open at x a.m., close at x p.m.
    They are a little pricey, but I think they are worth it. @Uglyansome

8. These candle sets not only look fabulous but also change the scent of your room.

It is now common to see candles in completely different shapes, sizes, and colors. These things not only combine an eye-catching design but also a pleasant fragrance that can fill your home and make it cozier.

  • Perfect gift. As my mother’s birthday came around once again, I felt the joyous pressure of not knowing what to get her. As much as she was sure she would love anything I got her, I doubt this would be the case if I showed up with a PS4 RPG game. Admittedly, I would do so only in the hopes of having a very short life, as my mother’s annoyance at such could arguably become murderous. Alas, I was stuck on what to get her. I gave in and decided to look for candles. A basic gift...
    Fortunately, I came across these beautiful items. Yes, candles are a basic gift, but the beauty of these makes the gift feel so much more luxurious. The packaging was utterly beautiful, and when I opened the items up, I was pleased to find that they were aesthetically pleasing—so much so that my mother refused to use them until I promised to buy her more!
    Overall, I would say these are amazing items and perfect gifts! They smell gorgeous, look gorgeous, and make a simple gift all that much more special. @AutisticComicFan
  • As a gift for anyone over the age of 16, this piece is absolutely stunning. I am absolutely delighted with the set of candles I purchased as a decorative accessory for my bathroom. I am really not keen to burn them, as they are so pretty. However, they have a fantastic scent, so much so that you can smell it through the actual packaging that comes through the post! I would definitely recommend this and purchase it again. @Jaye

9. All-natural, organic, bamboo dental floss that only has 3 ingredients and is incredibly soft for your gums.

Only 60% of our teeth get cleaned with a toothbrush. The other 40% are left untouched. To improve the quality of cleaning, we have been advised to floss for years.
Bamboo charcoal fiber, candela wax, and mint extract are the only ingredients that this floss has and that is what makes it special.

  • Worth every penny, and far more effective and simple to use than more expensive alternatives!
    — Love that this is entirely and obviously plastic-free and therefore, environmentally friendly.
    — Easy to use (just cut to size using the built-in part of the lid)... I much prefer using a string floss than the fancier “satin ribbon” styles of floss and the pre-made “floss-pick” style tools — this simple string floss, I have found, allows for greater control over tension & precision & is therefore more effective and less frustrating, resulting in less damaging/painful teeth cleaning!
    — Excellent minty flavoring that is subtle but pleasant.
    — Easy to keep in a bag for when you’re on the go.
    None! @vfer5050

10. The perfect sleeping mask that gently covers your eyes and provides total blackout.

It’s light, it’s comfortable, and most importantly, it helps improve your sleep cycle.
Plus, due to its tightness and convenient eye compartments, it won’t put pressure on your face and will help reduce rubbing against your pillow, which means preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

  • At last!! I’ve bought so many masks and finally found one that doesn’t impact your eyeballs under stress or pressure. Super comfy and soft!
    Perfect blackout with no movement during sleep.
    I highly recommend it.👍 @Jennifer
  • Perfect. I never imagined myself sleeping with anything on my face; I’ve always disliked the idea of having something on my face while sleeping. But due to working nights, I had to try something easy to block. This is perfectly light on the face — it didn’t feel like it was on there if I’m being honest. What more can anyone ask for than top-quality soft pads for the eyes, an adjustable strap for the head, and complete darkness? Good product. @Dan

11. A stylish diffuser that has a special timer that can give you the opportunity to sleep and not be worried about it overheating.

This diffuser can work up to 12 hours and will nicely complement the aesthetics of the room due to the large selection of colors. Also, it has an auto shut-off if the level of water gets too low, for your safety and protection.

  • It looks good and works well. Hopefully, my friends don’t read this review because they will find out that I bought a bunch of them as gifts. I’m so impressed! So far, this diffuser has impressed me with how quiet it is and how long it lasts. I’ve had larger diffusers that take up more counter space, and this one holds its own in the amount of time it runs. It looks much better than the plastic tub-looking diffusers, which I would try to hide, but this one can be right on display. For the price, it does the work of diffusers that cost a lot more. Get a few for yourself and your friends! @M. Wang
  • Large capacity. Not only is this a very beautiful diffuser, but it also has a very large capacity. Even with me leaving it on all the time, it can last all night and well into the morning on one fill-up. It is very easy to clean and can compete with some of my bigger diffusers! The lights aren’t too overbearing (they can be turned off), and it’s very quiet as well. I would buy another one! @Ella

12. This fridge deodorizer deals with food smells like a boss.

The unpleasant odor from the refrigerator can put a damper on any desire to cook. Joe Snow will refresh the aroma and bring a smile to your face every time you open the fridge. Plus, it can be used multiple times!

  • Functional and simple to use. The product was so conveniently sized and easy to manage that I purchased this second one. It’s adorable, unusual, and a conversation starter. Also, I love the fact that it is reusable and will last for years to come. Besides, the fridge and freezer are safe. And each deodorizer comes with a similarly cute-looking rubber fridge magnet. This plastic-like fridge and freezer deodorizer is strong and durable, and it is unquestionably a genuine fridge upgrade. What more could I ask for? @L.H.
  • We love Joe Cool! I always forget to change out the baking soda in my fridge. And I’m a sucker for practical items that are unique and whimsical. Also, I love polar bears. This is a fun way to help keep the fridge fresh. I wanted to show everyone that it looks like they improved the design. Even when this gets knocked over in the fridge, it won’t spill baking soda everywhere. And the bottom is very snug. It’s not just going to pop off. You need to really want to take it off. I think the only thing I wish is that he was a little bigger. However, his smaller size means he can fit just about anywhere. If you’re a fun person who wants to make the adulting part of life less boring, this cool guy should do the trick. 😁🐻‍❄ @Trishymania

What is your favorite product of the year?

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