12 Objects We Use Every Day but Never Think of Cleaning

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2 years ago

There is no doubt that cleaning your house is an important thing to do. But, even if you try to keep your environment in perfect condition, there are some corners and objects that many of us do not always think of. And the thing is, these should be clean too if you want to prevent bacteria from affecting your health.

That’s why Bright Side wants to share with you the best tips to keep your place spotless.

1. Reusable bags

These bags are great when it comes to shopping in an eco-friendly way. However, studies have shown that people rarely wash them. Since they’re often used to carry food, residues may be found in them. Bacteria can reproduce and adhere to each new product you put inside if that’s the case.

To keep them in optimal conditions, it’s better to use a bag per type of product and wash all of them regularly with soap and water or detergent. You can put them in the washing machine inside a protective bag, or simply rub them with your hands under a running tap. Try to shake out the garbage inside every so often and use disposable bags for meat.

2. Pot lid handles

Most people wash lids as if they were just any other kitchen utensil. But handles have small grooves in which residues cumulate. That can lead to bacteria reproducing, which in turn can be harmful if they come in contact with your hands or your food.

To clean them thoroughly just unscrew them from time to time and soak them in warm water with a splash of vinegar. This will eliminate the bacteria completely.

3. Strainers

These are other utensils that people often wash carelessly, but because they have small holes they required a different type of care.

The best way to clean them is to soak them in a container with clean water and a little detergent for about 15 minutes so that the residues are really out. Then, place them under the running tap and scrub them with a bristle brush. If you don’t have one, an old, pre-sterilized toothbrush can be very useful.

4. Immersion blenders

You really have no idea how much weird stuff can cumulate in the back of your immersion blender’s blades. The best way to remove leftover food there is to run your blender inside a bowl containing warm water and soap or a splash of dishwashing detergent. Works like a charm.

5. The top of the cabinets and the fridge

When cleaning the kitchen, people often clean cabinets superficially. And while it’s already a good thing to clean them inside, it’s important not to neglect dirt that can accumulate on them. Dust and bacteria can fall directly on our food otherwise.

That’s why it’s best to take some time in your busy schedule to clean the top of your refrigerator and pantry. Wiping them with a damp cloth or with a little water and cleaner or degreaser can be extremely effective. Remember grease particles tend to stick to these areas and make them even dirtier than expected.

6. The broom

It may sound weird, but somehow, people often forget to clean the stuff they use to clean. This is exactly what happens with brooms. Think that a lot of unhygienic things get trapped between the bristles of the broom. We’re talking about garbage, hair, dust and a long etcetera.

A great way to keep your broom clean is to remove the dirt that sticks out with your hand. You can either wear gloves or wrap your hand in a disposable plastic bag to do so. And every so often, dip the brush in a bowl of warm, soapy water, rinse and let it dry.

7. The mop

Just like brooms, mops are one of the most neglected cleaning tools, probably because people tend to assume that, by constantly submerging a mop in a bucket of water, you clean it. Well, bad news: you don’t. In fact, it’s constantly exposed to moisture which makes it the perfect place for bacteria to reproduce. Then, you’re happily spreading them throughout your house thinking you’re actually cleaning it.

A good hack to clean your mop is to wash it with thoroughly clean water and soap after use. You can even add a splash of bleach or a bit of any detergent of your choice. Another very important thing is to let it dry properly. With these two simple steps, your mop will actually clean your house and won’t smell or look bad.

8. Garbage bin

Regardless of the type of waste you throw in there, the garbage can is a breeding ground for infections at home. This is especially true when located in the bathroom and the kitchen. Changing garbage bags often is not enough to keep dirt at bay.

The best way to clean this object is to wash it from time to time with water, soap and a disinfectant product of your choice. That way you’ll get rid of bad smells, but also of bacteria and even diseases that may be harbored there. Do not forget to wash your hands properly once you have finished this task.

9. Sponge for washing dishes

As strange as it may seem, these sponges are usually one of the main sources of bacteria at home, due to their constant contact with food and water. Ideally, you’d replace them regularly with new ones, but during their lifetime, it is also important to wash them with soap or a disinfectant product as soon as you’re done using them. That way, next time you wash the dishes they won’t leave traces of dirt and bacteria.

10. Fork grooves

If you wash your cutlery manually, you may have already noticed how difficult it can be to clean the small space between the tines of your forks. But worry no more. A great way to get all that gunk out of there is to soak your forks in some warm water with a splash of vinegar and then rinse them.

11. Door knobs

Since it’s constantly in contact with our hands, door handles tend to cumulate dirt. You should know that you should only clean them on the outside, since trying to apply cleaning products on the inside could spoil them. But wiping them with a damp cloth and a product suitable for the material of which the knobs are made should suffice.

12. Knife holders

It’s a little obvious, but those little recesses designed to hold our sharp utensils are big enough for a lot of dust and debris to get stored in there. That’s why it’s important to clean the object properly from time to time. To do this, you have to empty it, shake it down, wash it manually with water and dish detergent and finally let it dry perfectly. In this way, we will not be adding dirt to our food when we cut it.

Do you know of any other object or space in the home that most people don’t clean properly?


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