12 Pics That Make You Feel the Warmth, Even Through the Screen

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It may be a cliché to say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but these images are worth all the emotional value they carry. Sometimes, love isn’t the most visible in words but in smiles, grins, and the joy on human and animal faces. Whether it’s a pet having one great second or just some human beings connecting over shared love, these moments define what life is.

Bright Side came across these Redditors who managed to capture love in a photograph and warmed us up from the inside out.

1. “I’m a professional weightlifter and caregiver. The person I lift got to come watch me lift.”

2. “My grandma turned 100 today! Celebrating with my other grandma (93).”

3. “Kevin enjoying some scratches”

4. “My amazing mom and my kid on his first day of college”

5. “After 3 miscarriages in a row, my rainbow baby celebrated turning one yesterday.”

6. “My wife and I reverse matched by accident. Felt cute, not gonna delete later.”

7. “We are all in school.”

  • “Me 31, wife 33, and my 3 sons are all in school. I am a junior in college, my wife is a freshman in college, and my sons are in first grade, second grade, and pre-school.”

8. “My wife before and after saying ’I love you.’”

9. “Meet the most amazing woman to come into my life.”

  • “She makes me feel at home and I want to show her off. No words can come close to how special she is to me.”

10. “Yep, go ahead and get comfortable, big boy.”

11. “A superhero send-off on her first day of preschool”

12. “My costume maker for my performance work made my baby a matching costume.”

What has the most joyful moment of your life been? Do you have a picture of it, and who snapped it?

Preview photo credit HFXmer / Reddit


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