12 Signs of a Messy Look That We Notice in Others, but Miss in Ourselves

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3 years ago

They say that the “devil is in the details” and this cannot be more true when it comes to female appearance. Our confidence can go from 0 to 100 if we add little finishing touches like our favorite lipstick or a trendy new bracelet. But there are certain parts of our look that we unintentionally ignore, which can diminish all of our efforts. Chances are, you easily catch them on other people, but skip on fixing them when it comes to yourself.

We at Bright Side caught those little outfit mistakes, admitted we’re sometimes guilty of them, and corrected them to make sure we’re all always on top of our game.

1. Visible bra straps

Bralettes are very much in fashion right now and are made to peek out of our clothes. However, it’s a completely different conversation when it comes to regular bras. They’re inappropriate in a professional setting and in general make any outfit look less put together.


  • Try different underwear shapes and don’t be afraid of strapless bras. Brands understand the struggle and make inclusive sizes that provide decent support to all body types for any occasion.
  • If you’re wearing tank tops, opt for the ones with wide and tight-fitting straps.

2. Deodorant stains

This one is very easy to miss on yourself, but makes a huge difference, especially if you’re wearing something dark.


  • There are plenty of invisible deodorants on the market, make the switch from a regular one if you haven’t yet.

3. Sleeves that are way too long

Excessively long sleeves can make anyone look like a little kid, plus it can be very impractical. And we’re not talking about our favorite comfy sweatshirt, this outfit mistake can catch happen to any top.


  • Look up how to fashionably roll up your sleeves. It makes you look very cool.
  • Turn to a good tailor and get your perfect length.

4. Not matching or bad foundation

We’ve all been guilty of foundation not matching our necks, but there are bigger evils lurking on the makeup counters. Some products that contain SPF can make you look white in photos because of their protective ingredients.


  • If you know you’re going to be photographed, opt for chemical sunscreens or foundations that have less SPF than usual. But don’t skip out on sunscreen entirely!

5. Worn-out accessories that don’t match

Accessories are meant to complete our outfits and make them stand out. Unfortunately, sometimes they can make everything just look off. We’re not saying you need to match your bag, shoes, and belt, but a common theme is preferable.


  • Pay attention to your accessories overall appearance. Faded paint and old leather don’t look cute.

6. Shoes that don’t properly fit your feet

We’ve all sacrificed our own comfort for a cute pair of shoes at least once in our lives. Sadly, it’s very noticeable to people around us, plus we become so miserable it’s almost unbearable.


  • Comfort comes first, that’s the rule, don’t ignore it. Think about how the shoes will act in different weather, and take into account whether your feet tend to swell up sometimes.

7. Missed belt loop

It’s a small mistake, but it will definitely catch an unfriendly judgmental eye.


  • It’s a good idea to get a full-body mirror if you don’t have one already. It’ll definitely prevent you from missing these small details.

8. Dandruff or hair on clothes

This one’s not just about a messy outfit, but it also makes people question your hygiene. Dry scalp is nothing to be ashamed of though, just make sure you keep your clothes safe from it.


  • Check your outfit after brushing your hair to get rid of any loose hairs and sneaky dandruff. A lint roller is a godsend in this situation.

9. Foundation stains

It can be incredibly annoying to have our fresh makeup on and put on a cute blouse just to completely ruin both. It’s very easy to miss when you are in a hurry, but it definitely attracts unwanted attention.


  • Invest in a good finishing powder and setting spray. There are many products that make sure your makeup is completely transfer-proof.
  • Another solution is to cover your head with a piece of cloth and put your top over that. Just make sure to not put any foundation below your neck.

10. Unkempt feet

How often do you look at your own feet? It’s definitely easy to miss and can be detrimental to your look during sandal season.


  • Scrub your feet every 2 days, apply foot cream before going to bed, and you’re good to go!

11. Wearing hair ties as bracelets

Sure, having a hair tie always ready is super functional, but it can look a bit tacky, unless it’s a really fancy one. It’s better to skip this habit.


  • Just keep your hair ties in your purse to make sure they’re always around when you need them.

12. Dirty ears

We’re not only talking about ear canals, but also the entire ear. Some people skip on washing their outer ear, but just as much dirt accumulates there as in your ear canals.


  • Wash your outer ear whenever you take a shower or wash your hair.

What other little mistakes do you tend to notice when looking at other people? What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to a messy appearance?


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