12 Smart Devices That Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

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It’s pretty short-sighted to underestimate the power of little things because they tend to pile up and affect our quality of life. And we believe we should not let this happen, especially in the modern world, where everything seems so stressful. This is why we decided to find out what smart devices used in our homes can save us a lot of time and nerves.

12. TV safety straps

Not everyone likes to hang a TV set on the wall, which is why it can often be found on a shelf or special stand. But this can be pretty dangerous, as you can accidentally push it to the floor when walking by, and if you have children, these risks increase by twice as much.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, it’s best to buy and install TV safety straps that allow the TV to safely stay attached to the wall and secure.

11. Hidden skirting boards

Standard skirting boards tend to collect a lot of dust, but many of us still install them out of habit. Meanwhile, there are hidden skirting boards, which are much more convenient. They don’t collect dust due to the lack of protrusions and gaps.

Additionally, some of their models have built-in LED lights, thanks to which you can see the dust collected on the floor, and cleaning becomes easier and more effective.

10. An invisible drying rack

A drying rack is a necessary household item, but how much space it takes up is a disaster. Luckily, there are many alternatives to regular drying racks nowadays, including foldable ones, rotary ones that look like sun umbrellas, or almost invisible options.

For example, a drying rack, like the one shown in the photo above, should be attached to the wall, and then you can pull a special panel out of it that has a bunch of cords and attach it to the opposite wall.

9. Large format tiles

Using small tiles is not the best idea for a few reasons. First, the abundance of tiny details makes the space visually smaller. Second, small tiles are impractical due to multiple tile seams that require a lot of time to clean.

Large format tiles, on the contrary, make your room look bigger. But most importantly, it makes cleaning much faster and easier.

8. A thick doormat

Thick rubber doormats may not be all that easy on the eyes, but they are the most practical. When it’s raining outside, it’s crucial to scrape off the dirt and mud from your shoes before entering the house. A rubber doormat with raised areas on its surface keeps all the dirt inside.

7. A quick-release toilet seat

Perhaps many people get irritated while cleaning the bathroom because they can’t clean the toilet properly in places where a toilet seat is screwed to the pan. Luckily, a quick-release toilet seat can easily solve this problem.

This toilet seat is attached to the pan with the help of quick-release hinges, making it easy to detach the toilet seat when needed. This way, cleaning the toilet takes much less time and effort.

6. Dark grout between tiles

White grout is quite popular because people choose it out of habit. However, you may regret your choice because it will quickly get dirty. This is why, if the size of your bathroom is big enough, and you have nothing against dark tiles and dark grout, it’s best to choose it in a darker hue. This way, you will enjoy your beautiful bathroom much longer.

5. Silicone gap covers

There are usually gaps between a stove or sink and a countertop. It might not seem like a big problem, but these gaps collect crumbles and dirt, which are not that easy to remove.

Silicone gap covers can quickly solve this problem. And you can remove and clean them when necessary.

4. A hidden curtain rod

Standard curtain rods accumulate a lot of dust, just like skirting boards. But the problem can be easily solved by installing a hidden curtain rod. And if you’re planning a major renovation, you can even hide it in special niches or under a suspended ceiling.

If you want to replace an old curtain rod, you can use decorative panels that cover a curtain rod, and they are usually much easier to dust.

3. A collapsible bucket

It isn’t very pleasant to allocate space for things like a bucket. Luckily, this problem can be easily solved with a collapsible bucket that can be stored anywhere thanks to its portable design.

2. Elastic docking

The problem with standard docking thresholds is that they are raised above the floor and accumulate dust and dirt. And sometimes, mopping them is not enough; you have to clean them separately. Moreover, plastic docking thresholds tend to break and crumble.

That being said, it’s way more convenient to install flexible docking. This way, the gap will be covered, and your threshold will be smooth.

1. A conveniently located toilet paper holder

At first, where you decide to hang a toilet paper holder may not seem important. However, this can become irritating if you have to twist and turn to reach the paper.

This is why it’s worth remembering that the generally accepted standard for your holder location is 8 to 12 inches away from your toilet. If this option is impossible, consider the wall opposite your bathroom (if it’s within reaching distance) or use a freestanding holder that you can quickly move around.

What other clever devices would you use in the interior of your home?


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