12 Surreal Things That Happened to People in Broad Daylight

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Creepy and eerie things don’t just happen in the darkness of night. They can happen anytime, even during the day. Plenty of people are able to prove just that with their mind-blowing stories of mysterious situations that they experienced.

  • Crossing at a busy intersection and seeing my perfect double walk towards me. We basically eyes-locked until we passed each other. A total mind-blowing moment. Even more disturbing that instead of stopping and chatting or being amused by the entire biological coincidence, my immediate subconscious reaction was a massive rising internal rage that someone, somehow, had «stolen my face.» Very, very weird. © Basher57 / Reddit
  • My dad, brother, and I went to a movie theater one day in Florida, was around 4 PM, so it was getting darker but still light out. We went up to the front where you buy tickets and when we looked around there was absolutely no one in the movie theater at all, no employees, no other guests. We simply walked in, looking all around to try to find anyone we could to purchase a movie ticket, but could find no one else. All the movies in each of the theaters we checked were running but with no one else inside. So we just sat down and watched a movie, then left without seeing anyone else the whole time, it was very surreal. © alrxa / Reddit
  • My high school girlfriend and her family all talked about the ghost in their house and always said that it sounded like a man wearing boots walking down the hallway. We were all very close and one day when they weren’t home I just walked in and went to my girlfriend’s room and laid on her bed while I waited for them to get back. A man in boots walked slowly right down the hall and right past the door to my girlfriend’s room, where I was laying.
    I did the next logical thing and just climbed out of her bedroom window. They showed up a few minutes later and asked why I was just standing around in the front yard and why I hadn’t just gone in. I told them that I heard the ghost and climbed out of the window to escape. They laughed their heads off. Broad daylight, totally creepy and very unexplained. © kgbslip / Reddit
  • I was walking past a church one day when I was about 15 and standing in front of one of the graves was a cowboy dressed head-to-toe in pure white. He looked straight out of a movie. His hat, shirt, waistcoat, trousers and boots were all so white, like an incredibly clean white as if he’d only just put them on. He was white, had short brown hair, stubble and was an average looking guy.
    I kept staring at him, blinked, and then he was just gone. I live in the UK, so it was weird to see anyone resembling a cowboy anyway. I don’t know if it was my mind playing tricks on me, but I could swear he was there. He looked so real. © AnswerConsistent680 / Reddit
  • When I was a teenager, I was at a friend’s house when his parents and family were not home. I was on his back porch tying my shoes, then I went back into his house.
    Tying my shoes, a 20-second action. NO! I walk inside, and his entire family is back home, and they’re sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner, and they ask me what I am doing there. They’re staring at me like I am crazy and asking why I just walked into their house.
    I ask for the time, they tell me it is 6:30 PM. I lost an entire hour doing a 20-second action. To this day, I still have no clue what happened or where the time went. © ionlywanttheneck / Reddit
  • In the 80s, my dad lived in Sierra Leone for 3 years. He had a motorcycle and would ride around the roads when he had free time.
    One day he’s riding a dirt road that snakes around a small mountainside or hillside past some construction works. About half a mile after the roadwork, he sees a man on the side of this dirt road on the mountain/hillside just laughing hysterically. And he was blue. Not like painted blue, but blue.
    At first, my dad rode on, thinking nothing of it. And then it sunk in that he saw a blue dude sitting on the side of a dirt road laughing wildly. He turned around and rode back to where he saw the blue dude, and there was nothing there. He kept retracing his path beyond the roadwork and never saw the blue guy again.
    Later that day, he went back to the village he was living in at the time and told the locals about what he had seen. The locals all laughed and said, essentially, «No, you didn’t. White men can’t see devils.» © WhyAmINotClever / Reddit
  • Me, my two brothers and our uncle were running down the lake in his boat on a beautiful summer day. Blue sky as far as the eye can see. Until we looked towards the north shore line, and saw a smallish passenger jet flying low. Until it went below the tree line and disappeared.
    We were flabbergasted, because our family has been in the area for over 100 years and there is NOT an airstrip in that direction, anywhere. There was no loud bang. No fireball, nothing. No way, it had crashed. We still don’t know how it was possible that it did what it did. © DALESR4EVER124 / Reddit
  • One time me and my mate were walking to our bus and we both look ahead to see a big centipede crawling on a girl’s head, just for it to disappear when it got on the front of her face. My mate and I told her, but she always swears up and down it never happened. © CryptographerBoth948 / Reddit
  • Shortly after I’d started a new job, I accidentally jumped the wrong bus home. It was the same «line» as my usual bus, but it ran an adjunct route that dropped me a mile or two from where I needed to be.
    Once it got to the end of the line, I began my trek and took my liberties, cutting through various vacant and business lots. One such lot was a construction supply yard, full of cement forms and heavy equipment. I definitely didn’t belong there, so I was feeling a bit on edge as I crept through.
    I saw something out of the corner of my eye that startled me so badly that I yelped. It was an animal roughly the size of a small dog with long ears like a rabbit, but it was standing on its hind legs; and when it saw me, it took off, jumping the way something like a kangaroo would, bounding large distances with just its hind legs and its front legs tucked in. It was fast and it disappeared so quickly that it made the moment all the more surreal.
    I think some of us know the feeling, it was like I’d seen something I wasn’t supposed to have seen. I wrote it off as being some kind of very large jackrabbit at the time, but when I got home and did a little research, jackrabbits don’t move that way, nor are there any species that even remotely resemble that in my area. Maybe it was some kind of escaped exotic animal? Anyway, it creeped me out and helped me cover the long walk back to my car that much more quickly. © Calkky / Reddit
  • In college, I lived on the 11th floor in an apartment with no balcony, and it was about 4:30 in the afternoon. I watched a man walk into my apartment about 10 seconds before I walked in, and habitually bolted the door behind me (it locked automatically on the outside).
    I was living with three roommates at the time, so I just figured they were having guests over, no biggie. I put my stuff on the couch and went towards the back bedroom to say hi to whoever came over. My roommates had no idea what I was talking about.
    It wasn’t a big apartment, but I searched everywhere. My roommates stayed in the back bedroom, sufficiently freaked out. There was no one else in the apartment, and the door was still bolted from the inside. © AnotherXRoadDeal / Reddit
  • When I was 15, my family went on a cross-country trip and one night we camped in the Grand Canyon. We went to a ranger lecture around 6 PM. It was summer, so it was still pretty light when we were walking back. We went off the trail as a shortcut and after walking ways we noticed a light up ahead.
    As we drew closer, there was a man sitting at a desk in the woods with a lantern. Just a full wood office-sized desk in the middle of the woods. I distinctly remember he had long sideburns and feeling like he was dressed like a man from the 1800s. My dad backed us down towards the trail, and we went on our way.
    The man never made a peep or looked up or acknowledged us. There were two adults and three teenagers, and we all remember the event really clearly. I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits, but have no explanation for what I saw. As I got older, I figured I was misremembering, but everyone else in my family says they saw the same thing. © kickingtv / Reddit
  • I was around 10 to 12 years old when I was walking home with my family. My two brothers ran ahead, while my parents and little sister were bringing up the rear. I was in the middle when I got this urge to look up ahead (I had been fiddling with my iPod) and honestly I don’t know what I saw.
    It was a very tall — probably 7-9ft best guess, lanky figure shrouded in all black. It walked slightly hunched and almost like it had a slight limp, but it moved fast. It crossed the street from our neighbor’s house and passed in front of our car, where it just disappeared. I should have been able to see it based on its height, but it literally just vanished.
    I ran and searched all around and in our car but found nothing. To this day I can’t explain it, but I was in my right mind and know what I saw. Just wish I had some answers. © TehWeeWooWagon / Reddit

You don’t need to be out and about to experience creepy situations, though. They can happen in your own home, particularly if you’re alone. Some people felt absolute terror in that context and decided to share them online, perhaps in search of some comfort. Read their spine-chilling stories here.

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