12 Things That a Mature Woman Has Nothing to Feel Insecure About

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4 weeks ago

Despite the fact that nowadays women are encouraged to accept themselves and love their body the way it is, many people still feel insecure about some natural things. Some are insecure about certain features because they were teased in childhood for them. Others, on the contrary, are afraid to admit that they make adjustments to their appearance because they think they do something wrong.

Dark skin in the armpits area

A different skin tone in the underarm area is most often a natural process that results from constant shaving of the area. Therefore, there is no reason to feel insecure if your skin suddenly darkens. There are several ways that help to change the color of the skin, such as regular moisturizing or using laser therapy. But if they don't bring any visible changes, it is still okay.

  • Dark underarms, like elbows, knees and inner thighs, are really super common. You can try waxing to see if it actually is hair and not darker skin, but the dark skin is not something to be ashamed of. © sofwithanf / Reddit

Wearing shapewear

Jordan Strauss/Invision/East News, © kimkardashian / Instagram

Many women feel embarrassed to admit that they wear shapewear. Others are afraid to use it because they think it can be harmful to health. In fact, modern underwear is quite comfortable and relatively safe. Experts recommend against buying too tight underwear and wearing it every day. Anyway, if this underwear helps a woman feel more attractive, there is nothing wrong about it.

  • I think shapewear can make clothing look more flattering. I might not wear new shapewear (like, the types with serious hooks and\or boning, unless you're used to it) because you could be fine one minute, and unwell\passed out the next, though. © orthographerer / Reddit

Ridges in fingernails

Vertical ridges usually appear on the fingernails as we get older. Most likely, this condition is caused by a gradual slowing down of cellular metabolism. If the nail plates are not thin and brittle and the ridges are not very prominent, there's nothing to worry about.

Double chin

If a person has a double chin, it doesn't mean that they don't eat healthy or exercise. Actually, in many cases, we can thank our parents for this trait. The predisposition to a double chin development is often inherited, and in this case, neither exercising nor a strict diet will help. In addition, most people get a double chin with age when the skin loses its elasticity.

  • Double chin is actually normal, and it’s nothing you should be ashamed of. Majority of the population has one. © Unknown author / Reddit

Shaving your face

All women, without exception, have facial hair. However, some people feel awkward to admit that they have to get rid of it. After all, shaving is something men do. However, there is nothing shameful or harmful about this procedure, so there's no point to hide the fact that you shave your face.

Besides, shaving not only helps to get rid of unwanted hair, it also exfoliates dead skin cells. And the belief that shaving makes hair darker and thicker is actually a myth. Just don't shave the face if the skin is dry and irritated, and do it correctly to avoid cuts and other troubles.

Flat butt

The shape of our buttocks is largely determined by genetics, and no matter how hard we can try, exercising is unlikely to make this part of the body more rounded. Currently, a curvy, toned butt is in fashion, and therefore some women feel insecure about wearing tight jeans or revealing swimsuits, as they can't boast a curvy body. But fashion tends to change, and things that are trendy now, may well turn into anti-trends in a few years. So, stay true to yourself.

  • Honestly, go and watch TV shows from the 90s - we all wanted a tiny flat butt so desperately. Body trends are cyclical, and there’s nothing wrong with a flat butt. I guarantee it will be back on trend within your lifetime. © Own_Faithlessness7** / Reddit

Moles on the face

Many people feel insecure about moles on their face. For some people, these spots become a curse when they are teenagers. Those poison their lives and undermine their self-esteem for a long time afterwards. But there is nothing unnatural or dangerous in most moles: usually an adult can have 10 to 40 spots on their body. And their color can vary from your skin tone to black.

  • I have a small mole on the right side of my chin and up until recently, I hated it. Little kids would ask me “what’s that” and even in high school people made crude nicknames and called attention to it. I remember scratching my skin RAW because I thought I could remove it.
    I wish I could give my old self the confidence and love I have today. I absolutely adore my birthmark now. I finally understand how beautiful it is, as my family always tried to tell me. I will never feel insecure about it again, and that makes me proud! © Unknown author / Reddit

Dark circles under the eyes

A person with dark circles under the eyes often appears haggard, tired, or even sick. However, most often this feature has nothing to do with our well-being and doesn't threaten our health. Many people inherit this trait from their parents. Some other people only have the appearance of dark circles due to swollen lower eyelids that cast a shadow on the skin. Therefore, there is no need to feel insecure about them.

  • I have genetic dark circles and bags. Concealer makes them look better for 5 minutes before it looks cakey or dry, making things worse. I'm mid-thirties and have given up at this point. I just embrace the circles as part of my look. © fr4ctalica / Reddit

Using Botox

Botox injections are used in cosmetology to smooth out wrinkles. However, some people are quite negative about this procedure, perhaps because Botox is toxic. However, if you carefully choose a clinic and a doctor who will perform injections, the risks of this procedure are minimal. And there's nothing wrong about wanting to look younger.

  • It’s an “issue” because society has manufactured double standards for women, and no matter what we do, we are judged. Get Botox or cosmetic surgery, and you’re called vain/shallow/fake/ugly. Age naturally and you’re “letting yourself go/a hag/worthless/undesirable”. We can’t win, so we might as well do whatever we want. © zalipie / Reddit

Thin hair

The thickness of our hair is largely dependent on our genes, and hair naturally thins with age. And although this process can be stopped, it is almost impossible to magically transform initially thin hair into thick hair. And is it really worth feeling unhappy about it all the time?

  • For years, I've struggled with making my hair look thick. I used hairpieces, extensions and all the time I was dying of fear that someone would notice it. And you know what? I finally realized: nothing is going to change the fact that my hair is thin. And the funny thing is, no one seems to care about the thickness of my hair at all, except me. © Pastelpicklez / Reddit

Saggy cheeks

Time and gravity can be inexorable to our body. As years pass, the body stops producing the necessary amount of collagen, the facial skin loses elasticity and the cheeks begin to gradually sag, softening the line of the chin and lower jaw. This is a completely natural process that many people over the age of 30 have to face, so there is absolutely nothing to feel insecure about.

Spending on makeup and beauty treatments

If one woman spends a substantial part of her salary on buying books, and another one chooses beauty treatments, the first one is often admired, while the second one can be criticized. Therefore, some women are genuinely ashamed of how much money they spend on makeup and beauty salon visits. But no one should dictate to us how we spend our hard-earned money. If buying a face cream or a new lipstick makes a woman happy, it's her own choice and hers only.

  • I wish I took this care of my own self. The innate romanticism of being taken care of by one’s own self is beautiful, enjoy spending your money on things you like to do. © Saanjhhere / Reddit

By the way, some celebrities decided to share their insecurities and prove that beauty standards are ridiculous. Check this out.


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