8 Celebrities Who Shared Their Insecurities and Proved That Beauty Standards Are Ridiculous

10 months ago

According to a survey, only 1 in 10 people are completely satisfied with the way they look. And even though Hollywood icons represent the beauty ideals of our day, we might be astonished to find out that they have common physical insecurities just like the rest of us. And in the era of body positivity, these stars are opening up about their least favorite attributes. Proving that we need to accept ourselves the way we are, and even flaunt our imperfections because real beauty lies in confidence.

Bright Side believes that our not-so-perfect features are, in fact, our strength because they give us a unique charm. Here are the honest thoughts these stars have when they look in the mirror.

Blake Lively — Heavy eyelids and wet hands

The talented blonde actress is a beauty and style icon, but it seems that she is critical about 2 parts of her body. When asked whether her newborn daughter has inherited some of her features, the then 28-year-old replied, “she has my clammy hands...and my heavy eyelids, my meaty eyelids.”

However, it is clear that Blake isn’t really bothered by these traits. On the contrary, she was declaring that thanks to them her daughter has started to look like her, instead of being the spitting image of her husband the actor Ryan Reynolds.

Kate Moss — Bow legs

As one of the most influential style icons, we would think that this supermodel would look flawless in anything. However, the 48-year-old previously revealed that she avoids wearing anything mid-calf, explaining, ’’I’ve got bow legs. I can’t.’’ However, this insecurity hasn’t stood in the way of her becoming one of the world’s highest-paid models.

Jessica Alba — Saggy breasts and large hips

The actress and businesswoman has been regularly featured on lists of the most beautiful women in the world. But in 2012, she opened up about her insecurities after giving birth, saying, “My breasts are saggy, I’ve got cellulite, my hips are bigger.” But luckily, the 40-year-old accepts the changes her body went through with open arms, because she went on adding that she loves every single one of these transformations.

Rihanna — Cellulite

She embodies confidence and body positivity, yet when asked to define her perfect day, the music icon’s answer was, ’’The day I wake up without cellulite.’’ Despite opening up about this, it is great to see that Rihanna is still comfortable in her own ski and never hides or shies away from showing her cellulite. Proving that even if we’re not fully satisfied with parts of our physique, we should always be proud of the way we look.

Bella Hadid — Eyebrows

She might be one of the most in-demand models at the moment, but the 25-year-old admitted, "I was always self-conscious about my brows.’’ She added that she inherited her thin brows from her dad and that they always bothered her growing up. Interestingly, today Bella’s skinny eyebrows are her trademark feature, and she’s even considered the fashion muse who’s going to bring back this ’90s trend.

Taylor Swift — Little eyes

She’s one of the most powerful singer-songwriters and the voice of a whole new generation. And in order to empower her fans and prove that everyone goes through challenges, Taylor candidly opened up about reading on a blog that her eyes were too small. She admitted that this comment made her self-conscious about them.

Jennifer Lawrence — Armpit fat

When we think about the confident actress who regularly stuns us on the red carpet with the most fashionable designer gowns, we would never suspect that she’d be insecure about her body. Yet again, Jennifer opened up about her arms, saying, ’’I know I have armpit fat... it’s awful." But it is clear that she never lets this insecurity get to her, as we often see her flaunting her arms in strapless dresses.

Angelina Jolie — ’’I’m odd looking.’’

She is one of the beauty icons of our era, and it is hard to imagine that Angelina could be critical about the way she looks. Yet again, the actress pointed out in an interview that she is “odd-looking.” She even went on to say, “Sometimes I think that I look like a funny Muppet.” This shows us that even if we were one of the most glamorous stars in Hollywood, we all have our bad days, and there is nothing wrong with feeling down sometimes.

Do you agree that we should never hide our imperfections? Share with us the one feature you have that you love the most about yourself.

Rihanna’s philanthropic endeavors are making waves as she continues to leverage her fame for social good. The Barbadian singer and entrepreneur has been deeply involved in charity work since her late teens, founding the Believe Foundation in 2006 to support children with terminal illnesses. She later established the Clara Lionel Foundation in 2012, focusing on global education and health initiatives. From organizing charity galas to collaborating with global organizations, Rihanna has been honored by institutions like Harvard and the NAACP for her humanitarian efforts.


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