12 Weird Things We Often See in Movies but Never in Real Life

4 years ago

In order to make movies look more spectacular and interesting, creators often make up scenes and stories that you would never see in real life. And these scenes are really hard to ignore.

Bright Side decided to imagine what some nearly impossible moments from movies would look like in real life.

Wrong clothes for the weather

Who is going to go outside without a hat if it is freezing outside? Of course, we want the characters to look attractive, but only if it doesn’t harm the realism. In real life, on top of their actual problems, they would also have cold ears.

There is always a free parking place near their destination.

Of course, the viewers don’t want to watch characters arguing and looking for a parking place for 30 minutes. But this is a normal situation in any modern city and movies are often set in places like these.

CPR compressions make people return to consciousness.

In movies, you often see people regain consciousness after CPR and then they just continue to do what they were doing. However, if you do CPR in real life, don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work like it does in movies. The point of CPR is to restore the function of the brain and the heart partially until more qualified experts arrive and take some additional measures.

At the age of 25, people are really successful in all areas of their lives.

Of course, there are genius people that become successful at an early age. But it is still a mystery how they manage to look so attractive, be so good at martial arts, and be able to land a plane on top of Mt. Everest.

Anything can save characters from explosions and bullets.

In Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, for example, the main character survives a powerful nuclear explosion by hiding in the fridge. He was within the radius of where everything was supposed to turn into ash and he would have also be infected with the radiation.

People open doors 2-3 seconds after someone knocks.

Sometimes, we feel as if characters are constantly waiting at the door. Just in case. Well, technically they are, but just not in real life. And if they don’t open the door in 2 or 3 seconds, the one who knocked will just leave or break the door down.

News always pushes the story forward.

After someone says, “Turn on the news now!” we see the necessary channel and the description of the events starting from the exact moment we need. It would be normal if it were about something really huge, but when there is a news story about a robbery at a gas station, this seems really strange.

They cut their hair randomly and then look like a model.

Very often, female characters that are trying to overcome something or trying to become unrecognizable need a radical change in their appearance. And they need it right now, done with their own hands. The situation is understandable, but why do they look like top models afterward?

Poor people look too rich.

If you are not watching a social drama about poverty, then poor people don’t look poor. They don’t have jobs, but they eat at restaurants, and students that come to earn some money in Paris, rent apartments with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

The plan of action

You can predict many plot twists of films if you take these simple rules into account:

  • The plan that was told to you will always fail. They have to improvise and it works.
  • If someone says that they are going to improvise, it will definitely work.
  • If they tell you they have a plan, but don’t tell you its details, it will work and later you will know what the plan was about.

There is always a timer on bombs.

In real life, this can be explained only if the criminals have good manners. This timer doesn’t give them anything at all, but it makes the task significantly easier for the good guys. A criminal could just start a countdown on their mobile phone or just track the time. And what is the point of watching the timer when you are within the radius of the explosion?

Women can walk in high heels for days.

Of course, we understand that movies are often made about unusual people. However, walking on high heels for days, jumping around in them, and doing different stunts in them is a bit too much.

What other situations that happen in movies do you never see in real life? Tell us in the comment section below.

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Idk about being successful at 25. I did it! Very proud of it. I created my own business before 25 but yeah, I know it can be difficult sometimes for people that age. Not impossible though


I always made myself this question of how people even deal with the cold with literally nothing on ?


I once cut my hair myself... what a sad story. Can't even tell you guys...


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