13 Celebs Who Became Grandparents at a Young Age

2 years ago

It may be hard for you to picture some of the biggest Hollywood names as loving and caring grandparents. Well, that just means we have some stereotypes to break. Some of the most influential names in the industry are proudly taking care of their adorable grandkids, proving it’s never too early or too late to be blessed with a new offspring.

Bright Side wants to show you 13 celebrities that you will likely be surprised to discover became grandparents at a very young age.

1. Whoopi Goldberg

If being a grandparent was a race, Whoopi Goldberg would likely be miles ahead of everyone here. The lovable actress became a grandmother when she was only 34 years old, only to become a great-grandmother at the age of 58 when that granddaughter, Amarah Dean, gave birth to a baby girl at the age of 25.

2. Pierce Brosnan

If you are wondering how many grandkids Pierce Brosnan has, the answer is not 007, but we like your style. The correct answer is actually 3 — the former James Bond star and all-around badass became a grandparent for the first time at the age of 44.

3. Charlie Sheen

The man himself, Charlie Sheen, welcomed his other “half” in 2013 when his daughter, then 28, gave birth to a baby girl. Sheen was just a young lad back then, at the age of 47.

4. Kiefer Sutherland

You may know him as the charismatic Jack Bauer from 24 — or if you are an OG fan, you may remember the actor sporting a set of fangs in The Lost Boys. Either way, this guy is actually a grandfather now. The actor became a grandparent at the age of 39 and now has 2 grandkids.

5. Jim Carrey

The mischievous Mask, the grumpy Grinch, or the almighty Bruce himself — we don’t know what your favorite Jim Carrey role is. But we have a hunch which one will be on the top of his list, and strangely enough, it might be being a grandparent. The Hollywood star welcomed his grandson to the world at the ripe age of 47.

6. CeeLo Green

Forget you, he sings in the PG version of one of his most famous songs, but we are not forgetting about Cee Lo Green and his offspring anytime soon. The singer became a grandparent at the very young age of 35 when his stepdaughter, Sierra, gave birth to a boy in 2010.

7. Tony Danza

Tony Danza’s grandkids certainly know who’s the boss. The actor became a grandparent at the age of 54 when his son and his wife welcomed a baby boy in 2005. Judging by his Instagram, he looks ecstatic to be a grandparent.

8. Donny Osmond

Teenage idols are becoming grandparents and man, does it make us feel old. And to be honest, Donny Osmond seems like he has an army of little grandkids — he has 5 sons and 12 grandkids. The sensational singer first became a grandfather in 2005 at the age of 48 when his second son had a boy.

9. Kris Jenner

Not many of us can flex with the fact that this granny is part of one of the most famous reality shows of all time. But Kris Jenner takes her role as a grandmother as seriously as her career — and that makes sense since he has a whopping 11 grandkids! The first one appeared in the world when Jenner was only 53.

10. June Shannon (Mama June)

Well, folks, we might have a winner for the youngest grandparent here. June Shannon became a grandparent at the age of 32 when her daughter, Anna Shannon, gave birth to a baby girl in 2012.

11. NeNe Leakes

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are sometimes the “real grandmothers” too. NeNe Leakes became a grandparent at the age of 44, as her granddaughter, Bri’asia Bryant, was born in 2012 to her 22-year-old son.

12. Kid Rock

Don’t let the name fool you — he is a kid no more. The music legend welcomed his granddaughter at the age of 44. What is it like to be a young grandparent, you ask? “Only God Knows Why,” and Kid Rock probably does too.

13. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage might not like “the bees” but he certainly likes being a grandparent. The famous actor became a grandparent at the age of 50 when his son welcomed a baby boy in 2014. Now, at age 53, Cage has 4 grandchildren.

Which celebrity grandparent status caught you off guard the most? Drop a comment.


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I have just found out that I am going to be a grandmother, I will be 37 when the baby is born. 😳


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